D&D DM'ing by Matt Colville


I was just now realizing that…it either has to be a Dexterity save for full or half damage OR roll for each creature.

I think the roll for each creature is more thematic.


Rolling to hit each creature makes more sense… but… if I were playing as it I’d like it to be a “always hits” thing personally. Maybe the range needs to be lowered to balance it out, maybe some crazy shit should happen that ensures high AC characters aren’t just peppered with ease.

I mean I don’t know your player, you have to fit their style, but a weapon that you could use to flank a group, hit them, and they roll a save to determine the outcome… no save = full damage (but not exactly high damage, the kind of damage that would do good for a horde of minions and less so against a band of knights for example) and stunned, save = no stun and half damage. It gives it some utility and, with that it also then gives it an exciting quality to take a bit of a risk with…in my mind at least :wink:

Edit: but totally doesn’t fit with the idea of someone fully armoured getting shot like that. Unless the projectiles are very strong. Is there some kind of save that is based on your AC rather than other stats? I don’t know :smiley:


All saves are based on ability scores Strength, dexterity, constitution, intelligence, wisdom, and charisma, so none that really work with AC.

I did toy with using a minimum ac, but then I feared it would be useless at higher levels.

I think the attack per creature is the best option. It fits the randomness of the weapon and helps to balance the damage output.


@ArPharazon what’s kept you playing 4e vs moving on to 5e?

Just curious as I love some things from 4e but prefer 5e.


I have a set of 4e books.


Simple as that, eh? :blush:


I know I am late, but that looks totally amazing! :open_mouth: whichever player gets that is going to flip out!


T-shirts for my daughter (left) and me: :laughing:


Brilliant. Just brilliant.



Are they gonna let you DM again? Lol

On a scale of 1 - Murder, how mad are they?


I wasn’t the DM…

Edit: I’m still a little…shook?

I’ll recap in the morning…


They were more shocked than anything…

So here’s what happened…

We were playing TFTYP-Forge of Fury and we just passed the Roper, noped the f out of there. While the the rest of the group was checking out a series of old jail cells, our Artificer was checking out the river that separated us from the Roper. He saw something move and so used some Alchemists fire to set the water on fire.

This effectively trapped us since the stone bridge we crossed earlier had collapsed. So our Paladin used some serious intimidation tactics to wrestle the Artificers Bag of Holding away from him. Long story short, I decided (in my Goblin’s limited mental capacity) to roll the rest of the 80 gallons of Alchemist’s Fire into the flaming river just to get rid of it all.

What happened next was basically.


So yeah, I (not as the DM) killed my entire party…


This was the week after Critmas as well…


How do ya’ll feel about this? I think it’s pretty dope, not that people haven’t run monsters before.


Some people are way ahead of that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The party wakes up to find they’ve just experienced a shared dream? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha nope. We’re going to continue starting with the next dungeon as a new group. Getting together on Wednesday for a session 0.


Forgot to say, but this is awesome. I purchased it outright. Thank you, sir,


Dude, don’t feel bad. Our group was starting a side session while some of our players were on vacation last month, and the four of us got TPK’d by a single rat. I don’t think things can get worse than that! :laughing:

Also that monster book is awesome and I picked it up too! Thanks @Hillbilly_Deathlord!

EDIT: fixed the @ because I am blind