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Picked up the latest from WOTC.

Super cool with lots of new subclasses, spells, etc!

It gets the TMTR seal of approval :volcano:


Been a shitty day, time to relax and


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If you have a moment, I’d love to get your opinions on my Secret Santa Critmas gift to one of my players.

We do in-game items with a real world counter part.

My secret Santa is a Dwarven Gunsmith. So he’s getting a pseudodragon mini painted in metallic colors and this pendent.

The in game information is here:

I really appreciate it!


Share link updated, sorry about that Nia.


Seems like an incredibly well thought through gift, not knowing enough about D&D to say for sure about anything on the PDF :stuck_out_tongue:. Where did you find the real-world gift? Or did you make it?


Found it on etsy! Go figure :wink:


:open_mouth: slack-jawed, blinking stupidly

A+, 10/10, home run

A gift to shame all other gift givers with their hopeless inadequacy


I dunno if I’d go that far, but thank you!

Seem somewhat balanced in your opinion?


Seems like. Definitely a plus to have around. Can’t attack, but can be a (noisy) spy or slip into tight spaces, could open a locked door maybe. Doesn’t seem OP though. Does the stealth penalty go away when it’s in pin/pendant form? You’d think it would be quieter when not moving around, but the rules didn’t seem to say.


Ahhhh thank you! Yes the penalty is removed when in pin form and I like the lock pick idea. I’ll update the copy tonight.

Thank you!

Edit: I opted for a +5 to lock pick attempts as the CW shrinks down to enter the cylinder and help to guide the picks to the proper tumblers.


Well literal lock picking might be too much, what I meant was like slipping through a window to throw back a door latch. Players could think of that themselves, it’s a natural use for a telepathically controlled tiny automaton. Maybe you should impose a weight limit on what it can do — maybe it is not strong enough to lift a heavy bar on a door.


Changed the lockpick bonus to +3 and gave it a 2lb maximum weight limit for influencing objects.


Oh, and did the ammo seem okay?


Yeah, could also check the Wizard cantrip “Mage Hand” or whatever it’s called. They clearly wanted to limit it to creative utility applications and not be game breaking.


Yep, mage hand is 10 lbs, but I feel like the CW being tiny wouldn’t be that strong.


I am on 4th Edition and have never seen 5th. The way the ammo rules are stated I find confusing but it could be a disconnect due to version.

They are area attacks. Do you roll per creature in the area? Dexterity vs reflex? Or AC? In 4e we have no guns and idk how to judge this. No damage on a miss? If it’s a guaranteed hit on every living thing then that seems OP, I think you should be rolling to hit. Also in 4e we roll once for damage on area effect attacks, then roll to hit and apply that damage. That limits the crazy die rolling.

In 4e I would interpret “30-foot cone” as “close blast 6” I think? Which could potentially affect a whole lot of creatures, a 6x6 square area. What’s coming out of this gun? If it’s buckshot, then I’d think reduced probability of hit, but more damage. Birdshot, increased to-hit and less damage. Not that these terms should be added to the rules, but it’s a thought experiment to determine plausibility. The scatter seems powerful to me as is, except for the misfire thing, will discuss below.

Friendlies should be no exception and should be subject to getting hit by these effects.

I’d interpret “within 5 ft of the target” as “burst 1”. That seems a reasonable AoE.

On the 1d6 misfire roll did you mean “less than or equal to”? You can’t have meant equal, because no point in specifying different misfire numbers. If it’s <=, then wow, scatter shot blows up in your face half the time? Maybe that’s why you made it (I think) strong? It’s a desperate times, desperate measures thing?


Great questions!

It may be a 4e/5e disconnect or I did a poor job of explaining.
Scatter - Brorek would use us normal attack action for the gun and just note to the DM what ammo he is using. He rolls the d20 and adds his attack modifier, if he hits it affects ALL creatures in the cone and does 1d6+Prof piercing damage. A miss means no damage on any of them. I am considering dropping the damage to 1d4, but I’ll need to run the numbers.

The cone would look like this. Large area and bigger chance to hit friendlies.
19 PM

For the concussive - yes, a burst one is correct.

For the misfire I was going for a 1:6 chance of a misfire rather than a “less than” thinking, like you, that a 50% chance it would blow up in your face was too high. I chose 3 just because I didn’t think it mattered what number it actually was.


Ah. Well rolling a 1 is universally understood to be the bad thing, personally I’d prefer it to reduce unnecessary detail.


Simplicity is key, I agree. Misfire now = 1. Really appreciate the feedback!


Is that normal for an area attack, especially a non-magical one? To me it strains credibility. It hits all, or none? With a spread like that, how could you miss a whole crowd of creatures, shoot it straight up in the air? A roll per creature would represent the random nature of a scattershot attack, and would give more challenging enemies more chance to evade. Anyway that’s just my opinion. :slight_smile: