D&D DM'ing by Matt Colville


How’s this for some awesomesauce!

So we’re doing a session for our main campaign with our DM (who does it for a living)

About a month ago, a player from a one time game they booked with him, turned out to work for the CBC (Canadian broadcast corporation)

He works on the radio side of things, and is currently doing an audio documentary on our DM’s business and DND as a whole.

So we’re playing with all these microphones in front of us! It’s so cool! He also interviewed us, and had us introduce ourselves as our in game character, then as ourselves in real life!!!

He’s currently doing individual interviews right now, and will uploading the pictures of ourselves and our in game characters on their website!!!

It’ll be broadcasted nation wide and uploaded to the website, when it comes out, I’ll post it!!!


Man, that’s awesome!

But, how can you be a professional DM?


He hasn’t built set pieces, he’s collected over hundreds of minis.
Has all the books, tons and tons of modules and challenges.

For first timers he’ll create the characters, and during the first session has all the dice and everything someone would need.

It’s forty dollars for 8 hrs a person.
He’ll also come out to your place for a travel fee.

He’s 420 friendly, lets people drink. Alcohol, but is ok with sober parties too.

He currently has 10 groups, ranging from 12 year olds, to forty year old men.

He puts alotnof time an effort into his sets.

Everything from caves, to ancient ruins, to dungeons, to evil temples.

He recently started offering this service, and has had a ton of interest!!!


Huh, I had no idea that was possible.


Handy-dandy for the base races/classes


Hey, it’s @Matthew!


Does anybody know a good Dungeon World/DnD mashup system by the way? I’m currently homebrewing my own, but I’ve never played DnD so I have very little to go off of :sweat_smile:

I’m making my own campaign, but I’m waiting until I have more experience with the game before I actually run it.


I don’t know what this is, to be honest.


Dungeon World is a more… simplified version of DnD. Rolls are made using 2d6 rather than the d20, and the DC is always the same. 6 or less is a failure, 7-9 is partial success and 10+ is success. Classes have unique moves they learn upon levelling up, and in general, all the numbers are smaller and easier to wrap your mind around.

I’d absolutely recommend it because I love the way classes work, but I do feel it is limited in many ways.


Oh, well I’d suggest either downloading the SRD or grabbing the starter kit (D&D) and just go for it. :smiley:


Definitely! I’ve already read through some of it, and our next major campaign will probably be using D&D :smiley:

I’ll probably post my system here when I finish it, whenever that may be :laughing:


I’ll look forward to that at least. Sounds interesting!

Do you know what edition of DnD you’re looking to use for it? 5E is really simple, so it might meld well with what you are going for from what I am understanding.


5E, yeah :smiley:


Ahhh, that GM Tips is genuinely the best one since Satine took over, well done Matt


The eps with Talesin and Liam are the two that were most useful for me.

I haven’t watched Matt’s yet though.


I have clearly missed some episodes…






Wanted to get the thoughts from the d&d players as to whether this character at-a-glance I created is at all useful.

It’s based on the image I posted a bit back, but with all 44 current races, all official classes, and all backgrounds.

Is anything missing or does something need tweaking?


One thing worth mentioning is that some versions of DnD got rid of languages like Celestial as starting languages because they were deemed “too OP” for early game.

Also, are these homebrew races? I don’t recognize a lot of them.

Additionally, I don’t think that pinterest pages are the best links. I know you are trying to show how the races can look, but it gives nothing like lore. Which I think is important.