D&D DM'ing by Matt Colville


Hand of Vecna falls out of Graves’ bag…


That whole moment was great… just that dichotomy in the game of people trying hard to thwart the game master, while at the same time a game master wanting to add something dramatic to the mix. I don’t know if @SlabOMeat appreciated it or not, but it was an interesting event to an outsider!


This is seriously awesome stuff! I got to play with it a little this morning. Definitely using it this Friday!


Haha, It felt a little hokey at first, hence the look, but when you consider the hand of vecna being a sentient evil artifact, it’s totally believable that it might wiggle its way out of Graves’ pack. It was certainly fun watching @ThomasJ him and haw whether or not to use the hand. :smile:


Trying to make a cropped version, of the “Graves reacts to Vecna’s hand escaping” but for now here’s the full screen version.


Huzzah! Albeit not the greatest quality, but at least the FPS isn’t geocities quality!

@Matthew and @SlabOMeat


Thanks for the link, I’ll take a look at that over the next few days.

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I like 5e because it reminds me a lot of 1st and 2nd edition,
[/quote] Yeah, a guy I know has said more or less the same thing. And this is a guy who hasn’t liked anything DnD post 2nd ed. xP

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I was not a fan of 4 at all,
[/quote]Yeah, I did look at 4th ed, myself, and quite strongly disliked a great deal of what I saw.

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if you know 3.5 and like 3.5 and have 3.5…play with 3.5.
[/quote]Well, I had a good chunk of the 3.5 rulebooks at one point (meant to start DnD ages ago, but then life got in the way for myself and all my friends and it got put on hold) but now I’ve no idea what I’ve done with the books. I’ve managed to find one of them, but the rest have mysteriously vanished on me. I think I may have mistakenly thrown them out when I was cleaning up at some point over the years, so no matter which edition I decide on I’ll be starting from scratch. XD

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The purpose is to get you and your friends around a table, have some fun, and use your imagination. Don’t let the rule set get in the way.
[/quote]It certainly is! I’ve just been trying to get a sense of getting my friends into DnD (all of which are more or less completely new to tabletop roleplaying games) vs. getting myself into the swing of DMing. Yeah, 5e seems to be the simpler system, so it’ll likely make getting into the game easier on my friends, but it’s also not what I’m familiar with. Though, I think having the past few days to really think about it has made me come to the conclusion that making things easier on my friends will help them better enjoy the game.

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If you’re starting from scratch, I think it always helps to go with current edition, mainly because that’s what WotC will be supporting for the next X years and you’ll have a lot more resources at your disposal.
[/quote]Yes, I did also consider that angle, as well. Which, along with my coming to the conclusion that it’s probably best that I make things easier on my friends, has more or less let me make up my mind.

Thanks for the help, guys.


Making sure all D&D nuts are aware of these!






Paging @Hillbilly_Deathlord


It’s beautiful


Personally think it would be better if it read “fucking normies REEEEEEEEEEE”




Just watched Matt’s final stream for the current campaign. AWESOME FINALE! For me anyway. It was weirdly riveting given what was actually happening. Can’t wait for another stream someday!


I gotta wait for the YouTube update. Damn Westcoasters and their timezones… :angershake:


For the record, I’m with EJ. I’d have struck down Lady Sariel (sorry @DamJess). If I was Lars, I definitely would have gone nova just because.

I’m really excited to see what these characters do in the background!


If you’re DM’ing on a budget, I have to recommend Fat Dragon Games paper terrain. It’s awesome and pretty damn cheap!


Yo, so like, I don’t want to make assumptions or speak for the guy obviously (maybe this is just how he is and he actually enjoyed himself), but @SlabOMeat honestly never seemed all that happy or excited for anything. I don’t know, it just didn’t really seem like he was enjoying himself to me I guess? I wasn’t there though, only going off of the videos I saw, so I could be completely off on that.


Haha, I admit, I sometimes have bitchy resting face. But, I do indeed enjoy playing D&D a lot. I don’t have much time to get together and hang out and play games, so you can bet that if I’m not enjoying myself I will be off doing something else.
I think we are a much less ‘performance based’ D&D group, we’re not playing to entertain others (though it’s cool if someone enjoys watching our game) we’re just playing to hang out with buds and have imaginary adventures.


[quote=“SlabOMeat, post:421, topic:84651”]
I think we are a much less ‘performance based’ D&D group, we’re not playing to entertain others
[/quote]Whilst I think I’m typically the same there, there are certain tabletop games I’ve played where I’ve run with a character solely for the entertainment value it proviodes for the rest of the group. One such character was my Ventrue in a VTM game called Sir Winston who I took the Dangerous Bias disadvantage for, which lead to me playing a spoiled, rich, condescending manbaby who screamed out “bloody peasants!” At every available opportunity.

The group loved it.