D&D DM'ing by Matt Colville


I’d say they have to average their hit dice, not add them together.

So barbarian (d12)/wizard (d6) would be a d8.


Might want to check your math again there, big man. ;p


A d9 isn’t a standard die so I rounded down. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Jayrob2k72 also check out the d&d podcast!


I just finished watching last night, it dropped on Youtube just about in the middle of a deadline for me so had to split it over a few sessions of watching…

That stream was great! The quality is insane. I think if some future development went in to having different views to give greater clarity at different moments would be a good addition (ability to show just one row of you players full screen, to show the battlefield full screen, to switch between those views)… though that would require someone behind the scenes for every game I know.

Glad that you all got back on the stream too, it’s great to see a real game being played with relatively “normal” people :smiley:


Agreed! :clap:


Is controlling units and your character difficult? It sounds daunting.

I’ve never delved into large scale battles.


It was pretty straightforward. Personally I didn’t feel like it had any real impact on the game.


Interesting. I’m further into the stream (2:45) and it seems less like micromanagement than I thought it would be and more like running a second character.

Off topic, what kind of warlock are you running?

For anyone who hasn’t watched yet I thought it was helpful to watch the campaign diary for this stream before the stream itself. You get some necessary back story and explanations.


Graves is a ‘Pact of the Tome’ warlock.

I like the warlock, but I do find that it has been much more useful in getting information and role-playing than combat. Not that Graves can’t dish out some hurt, but he’s no powerhouse…I’m not sure that any of the Warlock builds are. Could also be just my build…

I’ve had a hard time finding the sweet spot for Graves. Trying to balance role-playing Graves properly against my experience with the game and wanting to steer the party away from disaster has been a constant battle.
I’ve played him much more wise than his stat would allow. He has a 7 for wisdom…but I haven’t felt like I could really play him as the broken minded scion of an ancient astral demi-god. Because I have a tendency to encourage the party away from rash, or disastrous decisions, he’s ended up being more of a dark and mysterious adviser to Nekodemus, which is a cool character, but you generally want your adviser to have higher than a 7 wisdom.

Bad role-playing on my part.


So, been kind of umming and uhhing about this for a while now and figured that I’d finally ask here, since I’m apparently as indecisive as all balls. Anywho! I’ve been talking to a small group of my friends for a whie now about possibly DMing for them whenever their schedules will allow (and whenever I managed to move the money I need around to buy what I need to buy) and I’ve been kind of torn. See, my knowledge of D&D as a whole is limited to some basic knowledge of 3.5 and initially I was going to stick with that. But, after watching/reading/etc various things about 5e I’ve become unsure of whether I should stick with what little I already know and go with 3.5 or if I should just start off with 5e.

Any suggestions from folks here?


This is cool


Ahh, I have a campaign coming up and have been toying with the idea of a Kenku Pact of the Tome warlock who’s Great Old One patron is actually the old Kenku god who struck down the kenku for double-crossing. Not only that but the Kenku his/herself is that god…but has a kind of diety amnesia a la Dogma. It’s confusing.

ANYWAY I’ve never run Warlock so I wondered what a vet’s opinion was. I have seen some Warlocks on streams seriously able to dish out the hurt and the roleplaying possibilities seem fun.

As for the low wisdom…you don’t necessarily have to be wise…but a high charisma means that you can fake it. :wink:


I have read up on 3/3.5 but never played it.

5e seems to be SUPER streamlined, some might say too streamlined. But I would say start with the SRD and go from there. Run a quick oneshot campaign and see what you think of it.



I like 5e because it reminds me a lot of 1st and 2nd edition, but much more streamlined. I was not a fan of 4 at all, there were too many ‘gamey’ rules that broke immersion for me.

My opinion- if you know 3.5 and like 3.5 and have 3.5…play with 3.5. The purpose is to get you and your friends around a table, have some fun, and use your imagination. Don’t let the rule set get in the way.

If you’re starting from scratch, I think it always helps to go with current edition, mainly because that’s what WotC will be supporting for the next X years and you’ll have a lot more resources at your disposal.


Calling me a Warlock vet is a stretch. Most of my D&D experience was in 1st and 2nd edition. Most of those years as a DM.

The Warlock has been criticized as being a eldritch blast spammer, which I think is accurate…you use that spell a lot, and it’s not super damaging, not super sexy, but you can cast it every round for free without using a spell slot. Warlock is extremely limited in the number of spells they can cast before needing to rest (albeit a short rest thankfully) which can make combat get kind of boring once you’ve blown all your cool spell slots and the only thing you have left are cantrips.


Haha I meant vet in general, grammar failure on my part. That was my main concern with the warlock, and only being able to cast up to level 5 spells. Though the ability for all spells to be cast at your current highest level is nice. The invocations also open up a lot of possibilities but I suppose it all depends on the campaign.


I will say this, if Graves were to die and I had to roll a new character, it most likely would not be a Warlock. When all is said and done, I think I’ve enjoyed the idea of Graves the Warlock more than the reality of Graves the Warlock.


Only knowing what I’ve seen in this stream and the diaries, I first thought he was a wizard with a familiar. Kinda fits the wise mentor. Especially the UA Lore Master.

The name is badass though. Definitely evokes an immediate idea of who the character is.


I know this is off topic, but since you like role playing, have you considered a choose your own adventure style game for future projects? Personally I’m a huge fan of branching paths and decisions with varying impacts (which is why I love D&D so much) so I’m just sorta curious what goes on in your head.