D&D DM'ing by Matt Colville


Just got into level 3.
I was level 1 for the first two, was very close to levelling after the first session.

In the last session I had some awesome “moments”

Like, we were attacked in a cavern at the bottom of the castle by a horse of bats, and we were low on health.
So I took out my bag of 1000 ball bearings and was able to whip them in the air at the horse and severely decrease the numbers.
The funniest part was some of us slipped on the bearings, but it kinda saved us when they tried to swoop in!

I’ve decided I’m going Assain archetype, I was thinking Arcane trickster, and maybe that will happen in another D&D life, but I’m really looking forward to the next round as I’ll be stronger, with some awesome new abilities.

Yeah our DM is pretty awesome!
He likes going long sessions, it’s about 20 for 4 hrs, 40 for 9.
Not only that, but let’s say… hmm… if you have certain vices, he’s totally open to let the group openly do it!
Nothing too extreme, but drink and 420 friendly, so it’s a bloody comfortably good time!!!

We honestly wish we could go like 12 hrs!!

It’s such an amazing time!!


Oooh Arcane or Assassin… Assassin’s do get some nice damage off, but AT’s get Eldritch Blast…that’d be a tough call for me.

You should look into keeping a campaign diary!
It’s fun to look back on memorable moments.


That’s exactly what I’m going to do!!! That’s an amazing idea, thank you!!!

I eventually want to get to a point with this where I could potentially stream sessions!
So having past broadcasts and highlights would be cool! For now though, a diary is an amazing idea!!!


I haven’t read through a lot of this, it escaped me during the Evolve period!
Mind me asking what got you into D&D?
What’s your fav class?
Any particular quests you’ve enjoyed???


@Matthew got me into D&D. His videos were the whole reason I gave it a try. I started about a year ago by checking out the core books from the library and seeing if any of my friends were interested. It’s blossomed since then and we all look forward each session.

When not DM’ing I run a 5th level paladin who’s about to dip into the warlock class after being tainted by a demon. Good stuff!


Oh and I’m running a modified Out of the Abyss right now. Other than that we’ve done a few one shots but that’s all.


Are you using the 5e rule book? It’s entirely possible we have had this discussion before. I just don’t like 5e DnD as a whole.


I have somewhat of a story regarding my halfing rogue.

It was my first time playing, and we were in a dungeon sort of area, when we encountered a door. I was so excited because I knew I could lockpick well and just got ahead of myself and asked the DM if I could go and unlock it. He asked are you sure with a very puzzled look on his face that I didn’t notice until after. I ran for it and gave it a shot. However, he said when I was trying to “unlock” the door, it opened. It wasn’t locked at all and there were 5 bandits inside who noticed straight away and I almost lost my first character after like 3 minutes of playing.


That’s awesome! We’re getting more and more into it as each session passes.

I’m a big media guy, and one of my favourite shows of all time is community.

The thing that pushed me over the edge was Harmons Quest.

Ever since I binge watched the show I’ve just wanted to go more and more.
I love media, especially sci-do/fantasy cause I find it incredible looking into others imaginations, and using my own!
When I saw that, i realized the limitless potential that the game provides from an imagination tabs point, and I love trying to get super creative!

I’m glad there’s a olace on the forums here for this!!


May I ask the issue/differences?

I’m new, and very curious as to the differences and changes!


I am, I love it.


Haha that’s part of the fun!


Well, it’s simplified. Extremely so compared the last two iterations. It’s good for getting new players involved, but limits experiences players in a lot of ways. At least it did when I checked into it with its initial release.

I am also bitter because in 3.5e, my favorite edition, assassin was its own class that used shadow magic. They changed it to just be a rogue subclass in 5e, which sucks.


They’ve released a ton of new content free via their unearthed-arcana series. I disagree the 5e is simplified but there are attributes of the 4e that I wish were in 5e.

Wait…I’m the DM. They are in 5e! :grin:


4e was also simplified from 3.5e (aka Best Edition. By me.)

I am not saying I would mind playing 5e though. It’s been ages since I’ve played DnD, and I live in a small town, so I don’t have access to that sort of thing anyway, unfortunately.


I’m going to chime in here tomorrow! Right now I’m on my way to my first escape room type thing for my gfs bday!!
It’s an event place tailored more towards gamers.

So basically me and 9 other people will be entering into a two story house that’s possessed and we have to restore the ghosts artifact through a series of puzzles!
We have one hour and I’m super excited to try this!!!

Have a great evening and I’ll post again here tomorrow!!!


I think if you were introduced to D&D via 3.5 then you have more of an attachment to it. The first thing I did when I decided to run a game was take a look at the last 3 iterations. 3.5 has some seriously awesome supplemental material (Draconomicon for one) but trying to make sure you understand all that literature enough that you can easily explain it to new players is fucking daunting. I find the rules in 5e to make a lot more sense and are written in a clearer manner. I think 3/3.5 also felt more LOTR is in terms of races/classes, in that respect I like 4/5 more.

4e had a lot of pluses to it IMO, but it lacked the flavor that 3/5 have. So I decided to go with 5. It was moderately simple for a new DM, it was fairly easy to explain to people who had zero experience playing a tabletop RPG.

I think it all depends on the experience you want.


It is true that I initially begana playing DnD years ago using 3, so I do know I am not unbiased. That said, the character creation limitations are probably my biggest gripe.

Fewer overall class. Less variation with races. Less magic choices. This is also without counting the supplemental material for 3.5. For example, they had the Moon and Sun Elves as separate races, whereas 5 just has elves.


Eh, there are tons of races and lots of class choices. Plus that is if you play by the book. One of my players is a troll, not a half-troll but a full on troll.

The game is what you make of it, at least for me.

Also 5 has high elves, wood elves, and drow.

But to each their own!


I’m looking to build a nice high quality dice tray/box so I made a prototype out of foam board.

Is there anything else you all would want in a dice tray that you don’t see?