D&D DM'ing by Matt Colville


Mfw I set up a cool close combat scenario and my Druid one-shots all four enemies with a fireball (and really high damage rolls).



I do love druid shenanigans. My poor DM made a sudden ambush with a bunch of wildlife. One turn later and a preposterous number of natural 20s with stupid animal handling, our whole team has a new menagerie of pets.our caravan is slowly turning into a zoo.


If nothing else you have food!


Oh my god you monster :laughing:

Well it is post apocalypse, so I guess we can’t rule anything out.


I prefer opportunistic!


Wanted to roll a fun NPC spellcaster for my players to meet and i used Hero Forge to get a visual…then I found these chains…she looks so badass…I may go with a badass fighter instead!


Got my character mini painted!


My imgur secret Santa really came through!


@skills4u2envy I know you have a ridiculous number of projects you need to finish, but if you ever open up commissions, let me know. Might tap you for a portrait of my D&D party if you are interested.


Whatcha thinkin? PM me


Good article!


Saw that on reddit last night. Stupid NPCs interrupting the game.



Hooray for free miniatures or my players would be facing off against balls of paper and pipe cleaners!

Shout out to Printable Heroes on the Twitters/Tumblrs


That is so cool, where can I get more??


Just look up printable heroes on Tumblr!


Keep forgetting to post here when I see this pop up.

Got my first D&D session this past November, and my party and Iwe’ve been hooked since.

Wish we could do it weekley but we’re at a monthly point right now.

I like the printables and hope it’s ok to pass along that info to our DM, he may like it, he loves going to extra distance!

Anyways im going to keep up with this post from here on out, hopefully I can contribute regardless of my noob status!!


Yeah, this artist does them all for free or very cheap (if they’re property of wizards). If you become a patron then you get access to more color alternatives and back art.

Great stuff, please share!

Also, yes please share your D&D stories.

Edit: here’s a link to the artists Google drive.



Awesome!!! Thanks appreciate that!

Hmm well so far we’ve gone twice, both 9 HR sessions.

I’m a rogue, and was given the robe of shadows as part of my backstory.

We’ve cleared a two l cel castle out for a gentleman who recently bought the seed.

We had an amazing system going where I’d have my hood on when opening and checking rooms.

Well after enough rooms I started getting super cocky. So after a long fight (being stupid and unaware) I figured there’s no way the next rooms bad, so I walked in all unhooded and such just trying to clear it quick.

Out of nowhere a giant ass spider fell from the ceiling, the spider then rolled an 18, and then a 20 hit on the poison effects and nearly killed me instanteously. It was sobering. Luckily my paladin party member was able to crush it quickly with his Maul, and then use his healing ability to save me.

Another good but quick one, was:
On our second visit to the castle (second session) the owner got a door that had previously been enchanted shut while we were there the first time.

A necromancer (that the paladon obliterated after we found he was a necromancer, killed family revenge and such) told us there was a room with a pile of treasure that was fake and anyone who touched it disappeard.

Well we eventually came to the room, and the Paladin guy tied some chain around his waste while others held it,and jumped on top of the treasure.

He disappeared, we then found him 2 hrs later.
At one point we took a break, but he had to remain, and as a level 2 paladin, was able to fight off two goblins (one was a buffed goblin) and escape with 2 hp.

We were worried he had been killed, but collectively as a group decided he had been reckless and could have killed himself just by the treasure alone.

We found him, and finished the dungeons bosses.
It was a scary, intense, incredible time.

Our next session is next Saturday, hopefully I’ll have a new story!!!


9 hour sessions? I am so envious!

What level are you all now?