D&D DM'ing by Matt Colville

Creating characters takes a long time for first time players, so that’s about an hour. As for the actual game, it can take anywhere from 3-6 hours. For me at least. Usually when we hit hour 6 everyone is about ready to call it a night.

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That’s what I am figuring. I have two young kids so at most I’ll have 4…maybe 5 hours. So I was wondering if I should work with them on characters the week before and then everything will be ready for the game the following week.

Yeah that’s probably the best plan

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There isn’t one right answer, it depends on the group. Sometimes I’ll have the players make their characters a few days before and that way I have some time to find cool narrative hooks into the game.

Sometimes we’ll make characters during the first session, that way we only have to meet and have like one encounter and we’ve had a successful night. :smiley: Less work for me!

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Okay, so I apologize if this breaks any of this forums rules, but this is Off-Topic so I assume it’s a bit more relaxed here. I can’t figure out how to PM either. I’m having a devil of a time naviigating this site on mobile.

I tried to google you, but all I have is your screen name here. I just read all of the back stories you posted and I fell in love with them. Do you have any published books or short stories besides the ones here I could pick up? I absolutely love the style you write in, it feels like I’m in the story, not reading it. That’s all. If the post needs to be removed, I understand.


Welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:
You should check out this thread if you want to learn more about the forums:

Aye, go here:


Thanks a bunch, man! I appreciate it. Sorry about the misplsced reply. Will definitely be reading the rules and guidelines now.


You’ll love the books, I guarantee it!


Also make sure to put it on mobile view for extra easiness :wink:

#####Press the hamburger menu and on the dropdown press mobile view.

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Yeah you should apologize, we get really upset when people show up just to tell the writer how awesome he is.



You’re awesome


If anyone is interested I found an awesome map maker.


@Matthew I have a friend who wants to be a troll for his character, but regeneration is way too powerful. I found this take on a pc troll on reddit. Thoughts?


•Str +2, Con+3, Int-2, Wis -1, Cha -2

(Yes, very different from phb races. I felt they needed some negatives and some very good Con since that is what they are know for. 18 Con at level 1 won’t imbalance to much since it doesn’t effect atks and dmg, Just 1 more HP than races that can get 16 or 17)

•Age: Adult: 13, Elderly: 65

•Alignment: Almost always Evil

•Size: Large. Height: 7ft2-9ft2 Weight: 274-654lbs

•Speed: 30 ft.

•Darkvision 60 ft.

•Oversized weapons: Can wield weapons made for large creatures that deal an extra 1d4 damage, but cost twice as much to buy. (extra damage was based on the enlarge spell)

•Doubled carry capacity and the amount you can push, drag, or lift (standard for large creatures)

•Regeneration: As a bonus action, you can spend 1 hit die during combat. Additionally, any severed body member (finger, leg, arm, etc.) is restored if held against the stump for 2 minutes. Must finish a short or long rest before using Regeneration again.

•Vulnerability to Fire and Acid damage

•Languages: Common and Giant

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I actually have no problem with just giving him regeneration. I’d probably make it regeneration 5, or 3. Vulnerability to fire and acid more than makes up for it, and remember there are lots of ways to challenge a PC that have nothing to do with hit points. I would expect a troll PC to have low Wis and Chr and Dex saves, for instance.

If something feels too powerful to you, it means it’ll feel super cool to the player.


Awesome, thanks! I have been thinking of a cool back story for why the party would have troll with them. So I really wanted to make the troll character work.

It’s getting real now…


I just watched an episode of Critical Role and Matt Mercer did a voice that sounded like his work as Abe. It was very surreal.

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I do love story time. And this story has some knowledge sprinkled in. I don’t think anyone minds watching a 30 minute video on a game that takes 3 hours minimum for each session. Keep it up, the series is excellent!


I love the longer vids, but I realize I’m in the minority.

I’d really like more information on beginning encounters, I feel like that’s the part I’ll struggle with the most at first.

Sidnote note: I’m almost done fleshing out my pantheon, next is mapping out the initial inn/town and first two encounters!

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Yeah I’m also one of the longer videos people, however if the trend was towards shorter videos but more often then it works out pretty good anyway.

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