D&D DM'ing by Matt Colville


For anyone who doesnt follow Evolve Game or TRS on twitter they linked to a series @Matthew is doing on Dungeons and Dragons. Its a great series for people like myself who are new to D&D and it just makes me want to play it more. I highly suggest watching through all of these if you like the whole roleplay sort of thing. Matt, these videos are awesome and really get me eager to learn more about the game and DM myself in the future. Keep em comin!
Running the Game:

D&D Evolved

Ha! I came to create the exact same topic!

Now if only I had friends to play with…





You can always do it online via roll20.net :slight_smile:


This is awesome! I’ll watch in detail later, but I’m getting ready to try my fist game this summer. This’ll be super useful. I’m really excited.


My wife plays. I’ve been contemplating joining her. Not sire yet if I really want too.


I watched all of the videos today… I’ve never really thought much of D&D or understood exactly what is and how it’s played, but now I really wanna go try it.


Forum d&d anyone?


I love you now.

Forum D&D group should be a thing. I’m probably not going to play it, but I want to watch aaaaaaaalll the matches.


Just gonna post here so I can watch these later. Been meaning to look into DMing and all that despite the fact that I’m not overly experienced with tabletops as a whole yet.


The last time I was at a D&D, I was wearing Aladdin pants, our ghost was inside the body of a hedgehog named Mr. Slippers, and our half-Orc was performing lewd actions with Jeff Bridges for free spells.

Yup, D&D is officially the greatest game I’ve ever played.


This is amazing. I regularly DM a game for some friends and I think I’ll go ahead and show this to some people I know who want to learn to DM. I had no idea Matthew played, although I guess it makes sense now that I think about it :smiley_cat:


im totally down to play if we can figure out a good way to do it. i need to read up on some of the stuff too


I never have but always wanted to. So if someone starts it up, let me know :slight_smile:


Give it a try for session or two. You may find something new you enjoy, if not you go right back to ifnoring it.


Any DM’s here willing to make a thread if they think they can do a forum D&D? Preferably Newb friendly. 8D


New episode!


Just finished this series. Convinced a bunch of my friends to try D&D now. Thanks Matt. Eagerly awaiting the next episode.


I can’t watch them now (About to go to work!) but I will once I get home.

I DM a game and am about to start a Vampire: The Masquerade game as well, so I’m eager to see these. Always up to improve my DMing and Storytelling :stuck_out_tongue:


Omg. Not on topic but this is super serious!


I want that Alien you have there in the background.


(I’m a bit of an Alien nut. :stuck_out_tongue: )