For too long we squids were made fun of and called weak.Now it is time we rise as the cybersquidarmy and takeover all the threads in the world and cleanse the land walkers of there filth with the lightning of the sea monster which will reign down upon the destruction of your world to be rebuilt in the name of the Cybersquid overlord cause now we have unleashed the Kraken

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i dont know how to properly show images but here it is anyways you weak humans.

There you go :slight_smile:

MaddCow you realize you have just aided a CyberSquid overlord in his conquest of the forums, don’t you?

hello, can you spare a few minutes to talk about our lord and savior cthulu?

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Hey, I’m with him, death to 2 leggers!

Also, I love Kraken.

Also, Also, I love that picture of him. It’s one of my favorites of him.


Time to flood the threads MWAHAHA.

I’m all for death to two-leggers- I am also tired of being stepped on and uprooted- but he’s kill you too. Once he’s done with them. He’ll kill all of us for the Cyberquidarmy.

With help from Cthulu all the threads shall be taken over by my own tentacles and hands.GLASS THE THREADS MWAHAHAHA

My tender meats shall fill the belly of the beast. I shall become part of him. With my lifeforce giving him strength, he shall go on to slaughter more in my name :smiley:

NOW my army unleash the cybersquid mechs and takeover every last thread there is!

so far we have glassed 4 threads now.


My conquest to takeover the forums is just the beginning cause 10 has already been glassed

You won’t succeed. For one reason and one reason only!

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but I already have >:)

Spider-Man knows no limits

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then challenge cthulu heheheheh

Check your “glassed” threads

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Because now they’re covered in webs.

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