Cybernetic Trapper Concept - Jacob, the Once Blinded


Trying my hand at designing a unique trapper with Jacob.

In my opinion it isn’t nearly as good as the Ava Assault concept posted earlier because Trappers are complicated: they need a weapon, a way of finding the Monster, and a way or restricting its movement.

Ideally all of these should feel unique enough to justify the character’s niche.

Critiques and criticisms welcome.

Jacob finds the Monster by scanning for it through terrain, though this ability is limited to a scanning while standing still, in a straight line, with a small field of view, generous but limited range, and no head turning enabled while scanning.

I envision him as being a formerly bog-standard planet tamer who lost his eyes in an operation gone horribly wrong.

After having them replaced and later paying to upgrade them to state-of-the-art scanning equipment, he has gained a name for himself as a planet tamer who hunts with a vendetta.

His face from the top of the nose up has been replaced with a state of the art artificial vision system, giving him an inhuman look. Rough inspiration from Master Yi’s silly goggles.

Weapon - Semi-Automatic Rifle

Like most Trapper weapons Jacob’s rifle is not known for high damage output, but its precision is well suited to aiming for the Monster’s head or sniper-shot weak points.

Headshots lower the Monster’s stamina regeneration briefly.

Iron sights available.

Tracking - Lifeform Scan


Jacob activates the enhanced vision of his artificial eyes to see though walls in a sizable radius.

The longer he looks in the same direction the more sight range he gains in that direction till he can see across a huge portion of the map: albeit in a more limited range than his full cone of vision.

Any wildlife spotted in this way are highlighted and marked on the mini-map while he retains scanning sight on them.

This uses the charge system of Markov’s lightning gun with no cool-down, but a need to conserve energy.

Crowd Control - Mobile Wall

The little brother of the Mobile Arena, this drone is targeted on a location and splits into four mini-drones projecting a wall that Hunters can pass through and Monsters can destroy.

Defaultly the wall will be placed horizontal to where Jacob is facing when throwing it, but re-activating the ability while it is in flight will turn it 90 degrees to deploy in a line where Jacob is facing.

It can be taken down prematurely as needed by reactivating the ability while active.

It lasts 20 seconds on a 25 second cooldown, but Monsters can destroy it at varying rates based on their level.

Level 1 - Ten attacks.

Level 2 - Seven Attacks.

Level 3 - Three attacks.

Useful for denying areas to a Monster to flee and for shielding a retreat: but be warned that Hunters can neither move nor fire through it.


Isn’t there a thread for hunter concepts already? Other than that, good idea. I rather like it.


Personally I think it better for hunter and monster ideas to have their own threads rather than resignment to a single mega-thread.

I think it gives them more exposure and keeps them from being buried - its also easier to check the front page than burrow through the mega-thread.

I’ve see some decent ideas get buried in them - like an interesting proposal for a fungal monster of sorts in the relevant forum.

If the mods want it moved though, I’d be fine with that.

Anyway, thanks for the compliment on the idea.


Yeah delete this thread and put your idea on the hunter idea thread already made.


I think this it works out better like this. I can’t be bothered to look through all the replies on that topic. Like this I can see OP’s more articulate and thought out character concept without having to search for it.


I love to hear new trapper ideas on the forums, and yours is no exception. I think the wall idea is really interesting, when I think about I think of a wall that has the same properties of normal terrain. For the gun, I think it is a bit bland but most of the trapper’s guns are like that so it is good. The tracking system, is the only thing I don’t like, in my mind I think it would feel too mush like Bucket’s UAV. The story is very cool. Good idea :smile:


To give feedback on the concept itself. My major complaint is that the ‘tracking’ method doesn’t seem particularly effective. Especially when you consider how often the monster playing should be moving around, trying to keep a visual with this method doesn’t seem especially practical. It also seems to be less useful than Cabot’s radioactive… thing, and Cabot isn’t even a trapper.


Trapper seems to be that hardest class to design characters for.

One must have a way of finding the Monster and controlling its movement without being too bland, frustrating, or unoriginal.

I was thinking that the wall wouldn’t be entirely like normal terrain in that the Monster could not climb it, though it would be in other respects.

A friend actually made the same comment on the tracking system, and I agree that they are somewhat similar.

My hope was that scanning could be done much more often and more casually than deploying the UAV - with less pay-off as well.

I hoped it would be fun as a somewhat skill-indexed tracking method.

Coming up with unique tracking methods is difficult.


I was hoping it would be useful to quickly check for the Monster across long distances and through any terrain it could hide behind.

Perhaps it would be better for it to work on a charge system like Markov’s lighting gun and simply turn on and off - though I worry that would be too powerful.

Either way, this is mostly a thought exercise on my part.


Perhaps as an alternative, he instead plants observation spikes (akin to sound spikes, but with a camera) and this had the same effect as your original idea, but he instead sees what they see. So they are a monitoring based deployble focused on vision, with a somewhat limited range with which you are able to see through objects, while still retaining the inability to turn.


When you put Life form Scan I got up and screamed “You will not take this from Galgus”. The reason for this is because I had thought up of something like a portable sonar. It would track any thing that makes noise within a 60 meter radius.


That seems largely similar to Griffin’s Sound Spikes, but more tedious to use without automatic alerts.

I suppose an alert could pop-up on the mini-map with possible visuals in the corner of the screen when it sees the Monster.

At best, it would be a sound spike that functions in a cone of vision over a larger distance.

It doesn’t feel distinct enough from the Sound Spike and kind of seems less useful in my opinion.


I agree, trappers must be difficult to design a fun way of tracking the monster is hard. Thank you :smile:


Would that be like a sound spike, but carried on the Hunter?


Interesting idea. I like the semi-auto rifle and the life-form scan.

Not so sure on the wall…maybe I’m just having a difficult time imagining it but it sounds like a hunter version of Behemoth’s rock wall.


Its kind of like that, though it can be seen through.

The idea would be used to deny a Monster hiding spots and give them less room to run: like blocking off a cave or sealing the Monster in a section of the dome.

Defensively it could be used to hold the Monster at bay briefly while the Hunters retreat and regroup.

Personally I’m worried that it would feel clunky to use and control, but those uses are my hopes for it.


Sorta but it would be a bit overpowered if not tweaked. It would basically mark anything that makes noise. Wildlife are yellow,Hunters are blue,the Monster is red.


Seems like it would be only useful when near the Monster.


Most likely.


Forgot to mention earlier, but what do you think of the redesigned version of Lifeform Scanner in the OP?