Cyber Monday Sales


Going to start up this thread so that everyone interested in Cyber Monday can post and preview some upcoming sales. We know that digital sales on Cyber Monday have grown quite well the past few years and this year will most likely not be any different. So if you have found some awesome deals feel free to post them here.


Cyber monday? ( google is hard to use )


Cyber Monday is basically Black Friday without dealing with the crazies in person. It comes around the Monday after Black Friday and Thanksgiving. It involves lots of online discounts from local shops to huge distribution centers. Think of it as a Steam Christmas sales, but with products instead of games :stuck_out_tongue:


i no i will be. I wont get paid til cyber monday so i have no need to go to black friday fiascos lol


I see so nothing for me :slight_smile:


$119 Tegra Note for anyone wanting a cheap tablet

EDIT: now sold out


Cyber Monday vs Black Friday

It used to be you could get better sales on Cyber Monday because a lot of people had better internet at their office so they would wait to shop until Monday. Not so much these days. Still great deals to be had on the Monday but Black Friday has crazy deals as well for digital content.


$290 for a 290x with 4 games a huge deal

Or you can still get 970’s for $330+ with one game, maybe there will be a deal who knows


Well, I have 25 components to purchase for my Q1 2015 PC. Right now, they tally $2800. Any 1 item I can buy at 20% off or more, I will buy right then and there. ie.

i7-5820k MSRP for $389.99. 20% off is $312, so if any place offers it at that price or lower, I will buy it. I’m holding out for BF and CM sales to see what can be done.


Here are some deals from Best Buy. A few t.v.,s some hones, headphones and tablets.


If they replaced donkey kong with windwaker hd that WiiU deal would be pretty sweet lol.


Just got an email from Razer listing all sorts of deals for Cyber Weekend, if anyone is into their products check it out… Seems to be open wordwide let me know

Also the samsung deals are everywhere but here’s their official site