Customs: Evolved


Since we’re basically getting a sequel with TU09, and we were teased by the devs that customs may be getting improvements,

I wanted to post my ideas, as well as others that have cropped up before, into one big ol thread for what could be a better Customs, in other words, a Customs: Evolved.

Many of the settings below help QoL when playing Customs, but some minor inclusions could also expand the game’s replayability by days.

I’m not saying all of these are possible, but I did try to stick to stats that are already manipulated in customs, or by perks and buffs.

Even if we got a few of these, Customs would be Kaio-ken-ed.

Current Customs Settings

Game Mode
Map Effect
Wildlife Population
Round Length
Round Robin
Reinforcement Time
Character Perks
Mastery Bonuses
Elite Wildlife
Voice Chat

Proposed, Customs: Evolved Settings

Pick Phase
Global Stats


  • Game Mode[Selector: Hunt, Arena, Defend, Rescue, Nest, Random]

  • Number of Matches[Slider: 1-6]

  • Match/Round LengthSlider: 1-40

  • Number of Wins Required[Slider: 1-3]@

  • Map Rotation[Selector: Maps]#[Selector: Map Effect]#

  • Monster Rotation[Selector: IGN 1, IGN 2, IGN 3, IGN 4, IGN 5, IGN 6]#

  • Spectator Rotation[Selector: IGN 1, IGN 2, IGN 3, IGN 4, IGN 5, IGN 6]#

@: Only available if Arena Mode
#: Number of Selectors is equal to Number of Matches

Pick Phase

  • Character Choice Visibility[Selector: Same Team Only, Universal, Other Team Only, Private]

  • Draft Order[Toggle: On, Off]@

  • First Pick[Selector: Medic, Support, Monster, Trapper, Assault]#

  • Second Pick[Selector: Medic, Support, Monster, Trapper, Assault]#

  • Third Pick[Selector: Medic, Support, Monster, Trapper, Assault]#

  • Fourth Pick[Selector: Medic, Support, Monster, Trapper, Assault]#

  • Fifth Pick[Selector: Medic, Support, Monster, Trapper, Assault]#

  • Character Class Restriction[Toggle: On, Off](allows there to be 4 medics, for example)

@: Only Available if Character Choice Visibility is Universal
#: Only Available if Draft Order is ON


  • Weather[Toggle: On, Off]
  • Frequency[Slider: 1-100%]@

@: Only Available if Weather is ON


  • Masteries[Toggle: On, Off]

  • All Masteries Unlocked[Toggle: On, Off]

  • Character Perks[Toggle: On, Off]

  • All Character Perks Unlocked[Toggle: On, Off]

  • Tier One Character Perks[Toggle: On, Off]@

  • Tier Two Character Perks[Toggle: On, Off]@

  • Tier Three Character Perks[Toggle: On, Off]@

@: Only available when Character Perks is ON

Global Stats

  • Dropship Increase From IncapsSlider: 0-60

  • Dropship Increase From EvolveSlider: 0-60

  • Dropship Timer CapSlider: 0-5, infinity

  • Strikes from Incap[Toggle: Yes, No]

  • Strikes from Respawn[Toggle: Yes, No]

  • Strike Magnitude[Slider: 0-99]

  • Strikes Before Death[Slider: 0-10, infinity]

  • Add Strikes After Strike Death[Toggle: Yes, No]

  • Monster Damage Output[Slider: 50-200%]

  • Hunter Damage Output[Slider: 50-200%]

  • Monster Damage Resistance[Slider: 50-200%]

  • Hunter Damage Resistance[Slider: 50-200%]

  • Monster Gravity[Slider: 50-200%]

  • Hunter Gravity[Slider: 50-200%]

  • Monster Movement Speed[Slider: 50-200%]

  • Hunter Movement Speed[Slider: 50-200%]

  • Monster Climb Speed[Slider: 50-250%]

  • Hunter Jump Height[Slider: 50-500%]

  • Monster Stamina Increase[Slider: 50-200%]

  • Monster Stamina Capacity[Slider: 0-200%]

  • Hunter Jetpack Regeneration[Slider: 50-200%]

  • Hunter Jetpack Consumption Rate[Slider: 0-200%]

  • Monster Armor Regeneration Out Of Combat[Slider: 0-400%]

  • Monster Armor Regeneration In Combat[Slider: 0-400%]

  • Hunter Health Regeneration[Slider: 0-400%]

  • Monster Ability Cooldown Duration Regeneration[Slider: 50-200%]

  • Hunter Ability Reload Speed[Slider: 50-200%]

  • Monster Smell Range[Slider: 0-500%]

  • Monster Feeding Speed[Slider: 50-200%]

  • Hunter Weapon Capacity[Slider: 50-200%]

  • Hunter Switch Speed[Slider: 50-200%]


  • Size 1 Fauna Spawn Rate[Slider: 0-200%](doesn’t include spotters)

  • Size 2 Fauna Spawn Rate[Slider: 0-200%]

  • Size 3 Fauna Spawn Rate[Slider: 0-200%]

  • Size 4 Fauna Spawn Rate[Slider: 0-200%]

  • Carnivorous Plants[Toggle: Yes, No]

  • Spotters[Toggle: Yes, No]

  • Hostile Fauna[Toggle: Yes, No]

  • Venom Hounds[Toggle: Yes, No]@

  • Reavers[Toggle: Yes, No]@

  • Trapjaws[Toggle: Yes, No]@

  • Blitz Leopards[Toggle: Yes, No]@

  • Canyon Eels[Toggle: Yes, No]@

  • Dune Beetles[Toggle: Yes, No]@

  • Nomads[Toggle: Yes, No]@

  • Mega Mouths[Toggle: Yes, No]@

  • Crowbill Sloths[Toggle: Yes, No]@

  • Tyrant[Toggle: Yes, No]@

  • Armadon[Toggle: Yes, No]@

  • Docile Fauna[Toggle: Yes, No]

  • Steamadons[Toggle: Yes, No]#

  • Striders[Toggle: Yes, No]#

  • Mammoth Birds[Toggle: Yes, No]#

@: Set to NO when Hostile Fauna is NO
#: Set to NO when Docile Fauna is NO


  • Voice Chat[Selector: Same Team Only, Universal]

  • Hunter V/O[Toggle: On/Off]


  • Save Current Preset[Type: Name][Button]

  • Choose Preset[Selector: Saved Presets]

Hope this happens. @Insane_521 @GentlemanSquirl @LordDeath
Any possiblity?

Thanks for reading,
Chrono :sunny:

A Message to Our Community

These are nice, but with the wildlife thingy, could you add Armados to Wraith Trap or would that be limited to the map?

#####Am I the only one who wants to have all the Evacuation effects for each map? Like Canyon eels in Distillery?


What I had in mind was those parameters basically just “allow” the specific fauna to be spawned. However, if the map “bans” that specific fauna, then they would still be “banned”.

Map has priority


Ah, okay then.


this was an exception to the priority thing, sort of.
I too want the ability to just set canyon eels on, but I do have to say it is pretty low on the list. I’d rather see the introduction Playlist, Pick Phase, and Global Stats sections, over the Fauna section.