Customs, bad monsters, bad comps, fair fights (for the lols)


so i play customs, like a lot of customs. and while a lot of people tend to talk about good comps i dont hear as much about the bad comps. while most comps are viable if properly played and positioned some are more likely to succeed/fail.

so in these customs (most of the time) we all switch out playing as hunters and monster and even observer too. here and there are people who either suck as monster or are just rusty from playing other games.

when they play (and i dont do this in insult but rather to attempt a handicap of sorts) id rather run an odd comp that may not be used a lot. whether it be not well practiced or just doesnt have great synergy… something so that way we still have to play well (ex. not go easy on them for being rusty) yet they still would have a fighting chance (maybe lol)

so thoughts on some comps that just wouldnt work as well that we could run? and again i know pretty much any comp could be viable but im looking for ones that have particularly bad/low synergy

i was thinking abe, T shank, caira, lennox? this is a lot harder than i orginially thought… lol


I wish I had a group of people who would play customs with me like that. Love the idea of odd combos of hunters.

what about slim+cabot?

or emet+jack …Parnell+kala.

And everyone roll damage bonus.


Just run any comp with TS Hank, Emet, or Kala and your straight bro… Free downs FTW