Customs 2.0


Customs exclude players that don’t have any friends

On telemetry data : the amount of custom matches is equivalent to Hunt 2.0

Suggestions :

1- allow players to create / join / spectate a custom game without an invite . Just like (Rainbow Six Siege / mortal combat )

You can search for a custom game and click to join it

2- allow the party leader to kick players

3- allow the leader to choose the map / settings / level requirement to join

4- allow leader to choose the clan / server (lobby) name

5- Allow cycling the maps .

6- Allow the leader to set / select some maps to be cycled

7- option to lock the lobby to make it for invite-only to make sure some teams play with their friends

8- show pings Numbers in all lobbies

This will allow less pub stomping / more enjoyable matches because good monsters don’t like to play against lvl 1-20 hunters vice versa . This could be a good solution


I like it, but I’d rather have a rework of Quickplay than customs. Unless 2.0 got more game customization options.


I’m gonna say no. If I’m playing by myself, or with the exact people I want to play with, it’ll just get irritating if someone none of us knows jumps in during a match.

If you want to let just anyone join, go to public matches. Customs are private for a reason. Leave them that way.

I understand the intention behind it, but it’s no different from public matches now, except you can queue-dodge more efficiently or even kick people you don’t want to play with if you’re hosting, which is something that’s kind of toxic and exclusionary. More so than anything else.

Now, I agree with map cycling, but the rest is a no-go for me.


Problem solved

Lock the lobby


I don’t think he’s asking for a topic close.


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I think some evolve players out there don’t like

1- to play certain maps

2- don’t like to play repeated maps

3- to wait to search for a lobby

4- ranking system

5- to play other modes Arena / Defend

6- lack of control

7- Custom was lacking / excluding players that don’t have friends

8- to play against certain levels

9- lack of spectate usability for majority of players .

evolve is enjoyable to watch . Spectater Can help players to learn new strategy . Why do we have to have friends to enable us to spectate the match ? Why do we need an invite ? Why evolve has inclusion ?

It wouldn’t hurt diversify player base . Evacuation pvp can be removed . It can be build with customs 2.0

That way we solved 2 problems :

1- take away ( search for too long in some modes (Evac pvp or coop) )

2- holding good players into more refined controlled match making . Because great hunters do hurt new monsters and vice versa in quick play . Pub stomping is one of the biggest reasons player base is low .

If we can take great hunters and monsters to play for fun / not hurt other team . It will allow quick play to be more fun for new players by allowing customs to be a great place to hold good players

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I honestly don’t care

not really you just really want it

sorry if I come out rude but, people need to deal with it repeated maps are fine it’s better than playing a map you hate right? Also be patient if you don’t like waiting in ranked then go to quickplay and I agree I don’t like defend but arena is fine imo. Don’t like to play against certain levels?! I love going against players that are higher leveled than me I love the challenge. There is no lack of spectate usability I can spectate customs that’s all I need because what if you are on the mic with the monster player you can tell them where to go and where the players are.


It would be pointless and aggravating for people who like to play customs the majority of the time. If someone wants people to play with, they can get friends the same way everyone else does. It’s on them to do it, and not our responsibility to accommodate. Forcing an option on people who have no obligation is a stupid decision and poor design. Nothing about this would help any aspect of the game and it would instead create a good amount of toxicity when numerous players refuse to go to Quick Play because they don’t want to deal with inexperienced players and have the option to play with only lvl 40s.

Not a good decision. Helps nothing.

I’m not going to argue anymore, though. There’s no point.


These I feel are the only changes necessary to customs. Anything more is too unnecessarily complicated.


What you described it Quickplay or Customs with like 2 things changed in each.

Like @10shredder00 add the 2 things he mentioned into Customs and your all good.

If you have a group, play Customs. If not Quickplay.


Restrictions to play with a certain group ? Why is that

Do I have to pub stomp all matches because there was no alternative ?

I don’t like other modes in quick play

I don’t like to play with horrible players

@TrickshotMcgee you are wrong


An opinion can’t be wrong. :slight_smile:

Let’s not get argumentative.


What is the point of having the option to join random games of customs when you can achieve the exact same thing in Quick Play? :s


A thing that is missing in quick play is the map effects (of the evacuation mode).

This could be add by simply put the advantage to the hunters one play on two (I think i’m telling it wrong => 1/2)
Also, i don’t like the defense mode, and I can’t change it with my own will, except in customs, it would be nice to play the others mode too :slight_smile:

You could say that we should play the evac mode, but the games are very long and we can’t be the monster whenever we want.


I don’t see how that really helps get your point across, but I know that a lot of people do. The telemetry data proves that customs are important for many players. The devs stated that they would be very likely to add more options to custom matches because of the telemetry data. I don’t know if they already have something in store for custom matches in 9.0 but seeing as it comes out in summer there is plenty of time to make suggestions that could make it even better.

It’s not being forced, but is an option. If a custom match is set to private then people can continue to play their custom matches like they used to, along with extra features such as map cycling.

While I don’t think all of these suggestions should be implemented, a lot of them would be nice to have.


How dare you quote meh ;-;

anyways to be honest some people would like some things me included but most of those things I don’t want the only real thing I want for customs is map switching that’s it



These are added features . It doesn’t impact custom players that play privately like Mr. @Pancake_Mix said

It only added features to players that want to play in a more customized options as you are

If you don’t play customs . That’s your thing . But don’t force others to play the same options.

If it was a stupid option why rainbow six / mortal combat use it ?