Customize hunter team in custom match


I just bought this game for my brother so we could play against each other, he likes being the monster and it’s fun to hunt him down, but it kinda gets old playing with all the tier 1 bots. I have all the characters unlocked so I don’t see why I can’t use them when facing him.


I understand your pain. I feel the same way. But apparently they don’t let you do it because of someone joins that doesn’t have the new Tier 4 then they will get to play as them. Like God forbid someone gets to try them for free.

My girlfriend and I play together all the time as well and we have the same problem.

I think a solution for that would be to allow you to do it and if someone joins they should have to pick their Hunter before spawning.

I would actually like an option for solo mode that locks you into a role and disables hot swapping. And then have the rest of my team randomly selected by the AI.


Yeah that does make sense, but still if no one else joins it should be alright, and even then I’ve gotten into a game where I’ve played as a character I didn’t have unlocked at the moment.


Yea I hear you. It’s stupid.


i agree with you Assault194.

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