I just thought of something that trs COULD add which would a custom option for the monsters and only possibly the hunters where we the public would be able to change the appearance of the monsters but only slightly so that the monsters still look like a Goliath or behemoth

Other than skins?

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Had to fix the title.
It was bothering me.

Instead of skins on guns, the hunters can have different outfits as DLC? And Monsters could have skins with effects, so Wraith would have blood dripping from her blades, or Goliath has fire around its back? The effects won’t add any elemental to your attacks just for cosmetic looks.

That would require an immense amount of coding and programming. It would be cool, but I’d prefer more characters and levels.

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Yeah, It’s highly unlikely, but it’s something TRS could have thoughts abouts. :smile:
And increase level cap would be awesome as well!

Well I for one would love to see hair pieces for our beloved monsters…


(Gotta love Photoshop)

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