Customization of the Minimap


Change HUD and Minimap Size/Location

Hey Guys,
my Name is Dooper, i wanted to make this Topic cause i have a wish to TurtleRockStudios!

My Opinion is it to customize the HUD (Head-up-Display), now the Minimap is on the Middle of the Screen and very Big.
My Idea is it to customize it personally, so you can change the size and where the Minimap is. (left corner/right corner)

Another Thought was that when you have open the Minimap u CANT see the Healthbar from your Teammates -> you have to close the Map. but personally i always have the map up to see where the Monster is (Birds…etc)

Sorry for my bad english but its 2am :smiley:
Hope TurtleRockStudios read this and maybe bring it in the Game. btw Evolve is a awesome game keep up the good work. and the Streams are awesome aswell!

greetz DooperTrooper


I wouldn’t mind being able to adjust the size and area it’s in. I like that idea.


It is designed specifically to hinder you when you have it up. Forces you to rely more on map knowledge and visualization- after a few games, you’ll know the maps like the back of your hand, and then you’ll never actually need the minimap.


yeah but i dont want that the Minimap is so big and in the middle of the screen…
another thing are the tooltips… they should disable this.


I can agree on the tooltips, I mean one thing is to have OPTIONAL minimap hinder you, but having some random achievement/progress pop-up blocking your team hud is just dumb.


Yeah, we need options to disable tool tips. I mean, really? I put 100 hours into your playtests. Stop telling me how to eat food. :confused:


and then theres the MouseCursor-Bug for me thats soooo annoying after a few times…


I would also like the option to re-size or move the minimap.

It’s in a good place IMO on the monster’s HUD, but with the hunters it seems like it’s unnecessarily far from the left hand side of the screen.