Custom Titles


Hi trs, I was just wondering, could we have custom titles? This would allow us to express our true desires with how we would like to present ourselves, for example allowing someone, anyone, to have a pyromaniacal bassist or maybe a cannibalistic voxelot title. I can understand the repercussions, such as people impersonating leaders and devs, but I think this could be worked around with people sending in titles to moderators, though that could lead to them being endlessly spammed. What do you think?


Maybe we could have it as a reward for leaders (and maybe regulars too), and maybe members of the community who haven’t made these statuses but the mods feel like are active/helpful enough. This way you could avoid spamming the mods


I would like mine to be: “I’m a potato…”


Get your avatar changed, and you’d be all set.


All set @EE_Matadurr :stuck_out_tongue:


Shameless :stuck_out_tongue:


Hm, from my completely objective standpoint, I have to say yes. Regulars do deserve it!