Custom match options showing up when you exit to multiplayer



I could not sleep because when I play custom game to boost my behemoth that I can not play normally and then switch to multiplayer this thing at left with difficulty n stuff flashes for frame or two so I captured It on video and screenshoted

Also take It as guide for fast boosting :^) takes about 10seconds to win each round.

I throw it in offtopic because I do not find It of high enought importance,still hope it helped someone who was wondering too.


I’m completely confused…where are you seeing this?


Go training-custom-arena fight,set options as you like,play 1 game
go to main menu and click multiplayer
then you gonna see it for very very short moment.

I thought It is some debug text at first. So I made screenshot and found out It is just options you set for custome game :^)


Huh, guess I never noticed :stuck_out_tongue:


I hate that you had to explain yourself before I understood what you were going on about. I literally just thought that you had a bugged background screen for the custom game options.


You are welcome to edit op[suggest rephrasing]


edited title and placement, after having gained permission from you ^^

edit: didn’t notice your edit fast enough, now I feel like a failure.


This thread is highway to hell!


First i’d like to apologize, I thought you were giving me permission to rename the thread/place it in a different category. I was mistaken, because you edited and made your intentions more clear while I was off editing thread/category.

Second, obviously that’s my suggestion for a renaming of the thread, and for my opinion on rephrasing your OP:

Put the quote below into your OP. Again i’m sorry for jumping the gun.


Alright quote added to OP, I just found this super unimportant:

There are so many important bugs that I did not want to bother anyone with this.
I found It more interesting[It was actual mystery to me] than annoying or game breaking.

Title is more accurate now I agree with it for sure.

No need to apologize

I actually thought you mean that other person with permissions changed it before you.


I’m apologizing because I’m supposed to get clear permission as a “Regular” before changing the title, and I’m adamantly attempting not to abuse that power, and the literal first time I do it, I mess up because I misunderstand your post.


No worry no harm was done .
There are people that change meaning of whole threads with no permission just for lulz.
Then I see them promoted next week even higher.
I wish to have bigger hands to facepalm properly when I see it.

[not naming anyone]

For example I said ‘Rabbe is not even good, torvald is best’

It was changed to ‘I love Renegade Abe He is best’

Without mention of edit,reasoning behind edit etc
I clicked edit,copied old message and changed it back to original