Custom Game Monster Selection Issue



I am having some issues when i make a custom game with friends only Meteor Goliath is being selected by the Ai. Its kinda getting boring as we are playing 1 monster over and over cant select other since i am a legacy player i have all the monsters unlocked except Gorgon, But when i play solo i can select any monster pls help or there is any info i am missing.


The ai will choose the character that is on the current rotation. That happens to be meteor goliath at the moment. There’s not much you can do other than getting one of your friends or yourself to be monster. :confused:


Dayum tbh we want to hunt the monster not be the monster well cant do anything than waiting as we have killed a lot of goliath’s hope this gets fixed back to some other game until this gets fixed ty for the reply though :slight_smile:


No problem. :wink:

Out of curiosity why not try matchmaking hunt?


Helping out friends who are new to game b4 they head out to the fields of Randoms so playing customs to show them what to do and what not to do when u see some certain type of monster.


Well as long as they know the basics I’m sure they’ll pick up the rest in the fields. Remember, there are new monster players too. :wink:

This is a feature so it more than likely won’t be changed. You never know, they might pick it up in no time at all. It’s definitely worth trying in my opinion.