Custom game match making?


so i know that we cant play vs each other when we are in a party.
i know we can play against each other in custom games.
BUT lets say we are 3 ppl and one of us wants to be the monster … will there be anyform of matchmaking to fill the last 2 slots?(of course without leaderboards etc.)
It would totaly suck if we have to play with bots OR to search for 2 other ppl in an evolve steamgroup just to play vs each other.
And it would be a good thing to have some non leaderboard playlist just to solo que without having to worry about ure stats.


no you need 5 people to create a custom lobby but once you have created a custom lobby and someone leaves someone in your party can still play monster


Actually @John_Fergione at full release it does not “require” 5 people to start a custom game. Anyone can start up a custom game no matter how many people they have. It was only that way in the beta because the custom game lobby was not fully in the beta and while in custom game anyone can play monster


if you play with a group of friends that doesn’t add up to 5 then none of you can ever be the monster unless you go into custom games and use bots to fill in the spare spaces

its annoying as during the beta I made friends through matchmaking and we could take turns who was likely gonna be the monster with a preference setting and it was great we had turns of fun
but now if we go into a match together we cant have the same experience :frowning:

I’ve seen some suggestions to make a ranked and unranked playlist to allow people to play more socially without opening up the leader boards to abuse


I did not know that thanks for the info


I think there was some talk about trying to implement this later on. I’ll see if I can find the post.


Sorry for double post, but I found some stuff.

So, no plans right now, but its definitely on the dev’s minds.


There was a lost by @macman relatively recently saying that they may revisit the idea once the ranked matchmaking is released.


hm well thas not good to hear that it maybe sometime later could be possible >.>