Custom Frequent-Poster GIFs (Slim Vs. 10Shredder00)



Would you like to see more of these based off of other frequent-poster’s to specifc hunters/monsters?
(As in, you post a certain way about a certain character; I.E. Shredder v. Slim)

  • YES!!! :monster:
  • No :rage:

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shredder be reking


I’m not a Leader but this doesn’t make it any less of my favorite thread ever!

Thank you so much for this! :laughing:

Take all of my likes.


Looks like Slim got… puts on sunglasses Shredded.

YEEAAAAAHHH! Csi Miami intro keeps playing.


I don’t understand this thread.


It’s Shredder shredding the shreds out of Slim.

What’s not to understand? :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder how many more there’ll be.


Mine would be.
Oh. That’s right.
I’m just a regular.






This thread is a hoax!


Changed to ‘frequent posters’ instead :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe you’ll get one soon, Mr. Stavig.


Some people voted no?

We got some hardcore Slim followers.


Yes. Yes please.


Time to go stalk-yo-posts xD


I’d be very interested to see what you would create with everyone. (Especially me. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Currently trying to find a good video for Torvald xD

@Torvald_Stavig loves that guy :smile: if you couldn’t tell by his username


Plot twist of the century, who would’ve guessed it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think a zombie scene would be perfect. Photoshop Torvald’s head to all the zombies. Instead of moaning, you’d hear, Doom! Face me humans! Doooooooooooooom!


Found the perfect one xD


Loving this thread more and more.


As expected.


What monster do you hate the most?