Custom Evolve Controller Concept


Chill out copyright cop, this is just a guy making a few bucks. This isn’t 300 heroes.


It’s not just for protecting TRS but him as well. Companies are obligated to seek out and eliminate copyright infringement to protect their brand, even if the reason is trivial and they’d rather not do it.

Case in point. For one of my son’s parties I did a Minecraft theme. I had purchased a bunch of wristbands off of Ebay for the kiddies. I had been watching for a particular style and I snagged one right as it went up. Well, turns out I didn’t need as many as I bought so after the party I went to re-sell the leftovers. After a day of being on Ebay, Ebay removed my auction and gave me a warning for selling material that wasn’t officially made by Mojang (this was pre-Microsoft buy-out mind you), and thus a copyright violation. I didn’t understand since it looked legit by all respects and they were just wristbands…but they actually do imprint Mojang onto the band and since I took photos of the entire band it showed no imprint, so at the request of Mojang Ebay removed my auction. Luckily I didn’t get a bad mark on my perfect record for that. I didn’t even know they weren’t legit before. It just goes to show you even things you wouldn’t expect could suddenly negatively impact you, not just the company being ripped off.


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Will you guys allow him to do this, Because I would love a medic controller


More a question for 2K in this case. Cool looking controller!


What Sledge said. And while I doubt TRS would sue him I could see some 2K higher up doing it. Cause you know. 2K take their baths in gold.


Please contact 2K from here -