Custom Evolve Controller Concept


would anyone buy this controller if i sold it on ebay for $75 without the red led? just wondering bc i can paint the controller easily and want to try and see if i can start a small custom controller eBay store. if i can sell one of the evolve ones i plan to try for either a halo or smite theme next.


If its quality made and won’t stain my hands I’ll buy one off you.


Looks really cool, I’m sure you could sell a few of them! But red LED would be badass!


No red LED is a deal breaker for me, you already sold me on the red LED now I want it lol, but why not make one for each class ^.^

You might need to get TRS permission first


I don’t think it’s too keen of you (OP) to be inquiring/advertising something that blatantly uses icons & artwork that isn’t licensed to you, especially on an official forum of the developers. You’re essentially taking potential revenue from their mouths & not compensating them. Also, I’d bet that 2K would have a serious problem with your unauthorized use of their property. Just saying…


Id buy that easily omg


I’m in agreeance. You could get sued for copyright infringement big time
Trademark, licensing, etc


Make me that with the LED and I will love you long time ^.^


Unless TRS patented a pawprint, a cross, a spearhead, a nuke and a shield as well as yellow, red, orange, green and blue, no. No you would not. :wink:


I’m more thinking about that logo on the back :slight_smile:
The one that says Evolve


In order for you to use the Evolve logo and seals for profit you will need their direct permission so please seek that out before posting to ebay and the forums.



In that case @SledgePainter and @XkrSkorpion are correct. You probably shouldn’t have made one already. :stuck_out_tongue: I doubt TRS will sue you though.

Regardless, I remember someone once asked the Community Manager for legal permission to use the decals. Maybe do the same? @DamJess


This isn’t a finalized product just a Photoshop. If OP decides not to pursue the legal rights then I’ll move this topic to fan art ^.^
New regular do good?


As long as the OP doesn’t profit from his/her creation, they’re not in any violation because it would fall under personal art. However, if they sought to profit from using unauthorized artwork or IP, that party would most likely receive a cease & desist order from 2K/TRS legal.

BTW: The Goliath “paw print” is considered a copyright/trademark similar to Gears of War’s Crimson Omen. This is due to the fact that it was created by artists that were employed by TRS/2K. Therefore, authorization would have to be obtained for its use.


I misread, I thought he said he did sell one already. :confused: My bad.


I moved your page to fan art until it’s known that you plan to get legal rights to sell these. Otherwise these are really cool designs and I think the community loves em so keep up the good work ^.^


can some help me get Chris Ashton in here, i feel like as co-founder he may have authority to help me out with this, also to clarify no i have not sold one yet and i said without red led simply bc my soldering iron isn’t with me and idk when id be able to get it.


Yeah, just tag him @MacMan. Again, I doubt you could sell these, but if you could make them, they’d be pretty bad ass. I’d love a custom Evolve PS4 controller


Do a ps4 one and i’d buy


Sorry I can’t hear you over the sound of me throwing my money at my screen