Custom Button mapping (again)


Upon further inspection eat climb hit and evolve are still locked to 1 button you cannot change that (on console) so my suggestion remains


Play with each preset one until you find the one that separates it then customize to your hearts content. Its not perfect but I promise you can separate them that way.


I dont get why they dont just copy paste the pc way of doing it lol they make it so convoluted on console


That is true. The custom mapping for consoles came later than the PC so its almost an afterthought. Maybe it will be more fleshed out in the title update.


I know how you feel, but think about it another way; there are very few buttons on a controller. Far fewer than a keyboard, so there are far fewer options to map controls. As such, you wouldn’t be able to map everything separately, there are just too many controls to do that, and there are some things you can’t mix up.

In other words, you have few buttons on a controller and can’t mix certain controls, so the number of options you have to customize or change is fairly limited.


…what? the 4 directional buttons are all free


The only button I have that does double duty is L2 for eat and climb. It just works fine so I never changed it.


It never bothered me, either. But you do have to press two buttons to evolve, one serves as eat/climb, and the other is melee. I can understand how irritating it can be, I’ve tried to evolve on top of food before and attracted birds. Just frustrating. Or simply moving stuff around to be more comfortable.

Yeah, that’s true. No real argument other than that the controls are programmed to use the same button, so it’s tough to change it. Also, there’s convenience. Are you gonna use one of the arrow buttons to climb, eat, sneak or anything else? Doesn’t make a lot of sense to use them because nobody touches them when playing Monster and they’re not exactly the most comfortable thing to touch on when you’re trying to run or move in combat.


my evolve button is up.


Mine too. :monster:


Question answered!