Custom Behemoth Figurine


After watching my brother continuously wreak havoc with the monstrous Behemoth (who is rapidly overtaking the Kraken as my favourite Monster), I began to realise the rock monster reminded me of someone. It appears the Behemoth has taken heavy inspiration from the Del Toro Kaiju, Leatherback from Pacific Rim (come on, I can’t be the only one who thinks this.)

Because I have a certain need to have my current fix in physical form, I have a proposition. Who would be up to see me buy a NECA Leatherback figure, and a whole lot of green stuff, and create a beautiful 7" custom of the Behemoth to go with Funko Legacy’s Goliath? Thoughts and feelings away, people!


I feel like both are heavily based on a gorilla. I see what your saying but I wouldn’t say heavy inspiration since the only real similar thing is the profile and overall bulk


Fair enough. I, myself, just think they look so alike in the design, cos both have large plates forming up the head and back. Its only a small concept but I think it can easily be done.


I’m not saying that I don’t think they look alot alike but to say one is heavily inspired by the other seems unfair to other things that were probably used in creating Behemoth


Think we’re straying a little off topic here XD