Cursor/Overlay error



There is sometimes an error when using steam overlay, usually in the loading screen before a game. When you close the overlay I can see both my cursor and cross-hair at the same time, the cursor moves about 2x the speed of the cross-hair which makes it a little awkward.


Same issue, can’t seem to find a work around either.


yea that is quite a irritation especially when for me when ever a game starts apparently the steam overlay open up by itself.
Whats even worse when your in the menus there seems to be another bug with steam overlay if you have had overlay open in the menus the mouse will be all together gone.
good luck trying to press anything :smile:


It was in alpha, it was in beta and now in full release. Its extremly irritating and hope it get solved quick. Anyone found out what extactly triggers it with the overlay? (I got friend who got it too and all he did was expect lobby invite. Maybe all windows in overlay must be closed not to have it, ill try later.


No idea what causes it. I’ve tried not using the Overlay, not using overlay during load screens, and disabling it. Nothing seems to work. Every match I got this stupid cursor. Even tried full screen, window, Alt+ Enter a few times. Nothing.


Did you restart the game cause thats the only way to make it go away. So if you had it to start with and tried those methodes, they may work when restarting the game before trying.


Just reappears every time I start it.


Found no way to avoid it, had it most of my games :frowning:


I think I’m experiencing the same thing you’ve described just now. I alt+tabbed out then went back in and it went away. Next game loaded, did it again. Still, alt+tab worked. Only done it this last time I played, not the hours I put into it before.


I also am experiencing this very annoying error.

Both the cursor with the crosshair.
And the one where it goes away altogether.

@MajorLeeHyper , would you know of any fixes?


I too am having this problem. Odd thing is, I did not have this problem during Alpha/Beta. I also did not have it on Launch, but after updating to the Nvidia Game Ready Driver for Evolve, I now have this issue.


same here. not sure what’s up. (only guess from me is it’s maybe alt+tab related? but i haven’t tested enough to say really)

luckily the in game cursor is dark enough that it’s not too too distracting, but i would really love to see a fix for this soon.


So the fix (work around) is pretty simple.

When you have a cursor while playing, just spam Shift+Tab (Steam Overlay) couple of times, like 5 or 7. It should get rid of it.

This also works for lack of mouse pointer inside of the menus.


Hi im archaos, and I dont read any other threads. This has been in other threads, maybe there should be a “fixes” sticky or sub forums for common issues, Pure is correct, spamming the shift tab does work.

Also try to avoid shift/tabbing while loading!


I have the cursor glitch almost everytime. Sometimes there is a cursor while playing the game, sometimes there is no cursor while in the menu.

A good workaround for me is to just SHIFT+TAB to open the steam overlay and just click once on an empty area with the left mouse button. After closing the overlay the cursor is either visible (while in the menu) or invisible (while playing a match).


Fix cursor problem please faster, i cant normal play with this.