Cursor missing in menu, appearing in game


Sometimes, the cursor is visible in the game.
Sometimes, the cursor is not visible in the menus.
When this happens, I use a combination of SHIFT+TAB and TAB to get rid of it, or get it back. - Yes, I use Steam


Not really a fix, but you can get the cursor back by bringing the steam overlay up, moving the cursor all the way off the screen (onto another monitor if you have one), and close the steam overlay again. Since the cursor position is offscreen, the game recenters it and redraws it.

When it gets stuck visible in game, just spam the steam overlay like 5 times or so. It’ll go away after a few tries.


You literally told him a fix that he is already using ^^ (shift+tab)

Game dev knows and are working on it, many threads like this.


Whoops, I read it as alt+tab. My bad.