Curse you supernova ( my first 1.3 wraith match)


not badmouthing the supernova nerf but myself. i got cocky when using it and really got punished for it. it was my first wraith 1.3 match and of course it was against the new hunters. i didnt mind but the map was broken hill foundry (never played on it, got lost, couldnt find food too often, seems easy for gobi to find you on it.)

even with the speed nerf i got domed more but was still able to move around often (go around a corner decoy,and warp blast them when they decide to stay in a straight line to play follow the leader) at stage 1 i had the abilty cool down as my basic perk, and 2 in warp blast 1 in decoy. before getting to evolve i got one hit on slim (similar to laz somewhat , since if i kill the wildlife in the dome and move around alot he cant heal the team fast enough in combat sometimes.)

stage 2 now i have 3 warp blast, 2 decoy, 1 abduct. end up getting 2 hits on slim and 2 on assualt… this is where i think i messed up kinda. i was domed and ended up killing assualt (torva) and i tried then to wait out the dome. i think in hindsight i should have pushed more but i had no armor and i think the 3 of them might have been able to kill me (at stage 2 about less then half health)

after getting away from them i evolved and now had, 3 warp blast, 3 decoy, 1 abduct, 2 supernova.
after fighting at the relay for about a min i had almost kill assault, he had no shield so i supernova then sunnys drone became active ( wasnt there at the moment) then in the time i realized that they downed me fast at the point. was able to at least take slim down with me.

so to me supernova ruined my game somewhat, wasn’t all its fault but torva just punished me so much for using it. then one of them sent “gg wraith ;)” not sure if the :wink: was meant to insult.

so my impression, not liking broken hill foundry as monster too much( at the moment) seems like a good map for gobi due to its size. and wraith isnt that bad, abduct seems a little harder now, warp blast i love the damage on ( did almost 20,000 with it) decoy you really cant be using it in combat now (got to break line of sight then use it), then supernova well i was never the biggest user of it (i get too punished for it)
sorry about the length (and any misspelling you might find) just felt like telling about my first 1.3 wraith match still was a good game.


Looks like a solid game to me. Two hunters with 2 strikes that’s a good game even if I lose. I must say though that you must be very skilled with wraith cause I had problems with downing anything to tell you the truth and it really scares me how fast armor melts atm under the fire of the new hunters. GG and respect to your skill with Wraith. I have much to learn with her yet.


wouldnt say very skilled but thanks. for at least slim, i was move too much so he couldnt heal too often so like laz most of the team were not at full health


Just to be Serious…

Wraith with supernova on : Come on give me a nice hug while I have a chance.


sadly they showed me no love that day ;(


Use it as a finisher. Abduct from range > melee > Warp Blast > Supernova if they have health left. It’s not effective for brawling anymore, just for finishing/assassinating hunters.