Curse you Quirkly!


I can’t invade your lobby! D:

It’s makin’ me real sobby!



Also moved this to regular off topic.

And my head hurts…


Don’t you understand it rose? My hunger for the slaughter grows,
And so invade the game of those who visit forums, AND AWAY I GOES!


Okay. <bbbbbbbb


I’m rhyming again, by the way.

If you do not like it, you need only say.


Nay, good friend, deterred be not!
Thine rhymes are so sweet they make thy blood clot.


I’m pretty sure the line you seek,
Is that you got a toothache, since my rhymes are so sweet.


My dearest of associates, what makes you think

That your rhymes are of sufficient quality to make my teeth ache?

Indeed, they take me to the brink

But they truly make me wish to jump into a lake. :wink:


You’ve made me sad upon this night, for thou hast given me a fright,
the thought of words as mild as mine, could end your life? What a crime…


My lobby? Wat?


He wanted to join you I suppose, but your lobby was full?


Ohhh, I was busy stomping out Hydes.
Well damn Mortal, if you wanted to join in you just had to ask ;p


That would ruin the whole creepy psychotic rhyming serial killer stalker vibe he had going on. :wink: