Curse you Evolve for being so awesome


I played in the alpha didnt request any days off, i regretted every moment i was sitting at work watching maniacsquirrel play
Then comes the beta weekend where i only requested fri sat sun off cause i didnt think they beta was going till monday… yet again i was disapointed in myself for not hunting till the servers shut down
This time, THIS TIME! ive used all my vacation hours and PTO hours so i could take an entire week off for the launch, i will not be left out in the cold this time
i just wanted you to know that if i get sick and cant days off bc of this, it will be worth every minute
Im curious, what else are people doing to get ready for the launch?


I pretty much did exactly the same as you.
Had to work during Alpha and Beta but put as much time as I could into them. Took a week vacation for launch. The days are dragging!!!


I only got to play six matches. February 10th can’t come soon enough.


I’m actually going to try and complete my monthly quota for Feb before the 10th. I’ve already done about three quarters of February’s quota and it hasn’t even started. See, Evolve? The things I do for you…


Whoa, so crazy! That’s so amazing people are willing to spent their vacation with Evolve!


When I was younger I would go to the midnight launches and then play all night. But I have a hard time staying up so late and then going to work nowadays.
PTO days well spent IMO!!!
Thanks for such a great game.


MacMan. I’m having serious withdraws now that I do not have Evolve.

I need help. Send me screenshots of Goliath or something <_>


He’s been updating the Behemoth revealed thread with stuff. You can look at some stuff there :smiley:

They’ve also been posting some short stories on the hunters. Just search for [canon] and you’ll find them. Hope this helps!


I have… That’s the scary part…

I’m still not satisfied. I need Goliath in my life.


I feel that man, stay strong :sob:

It would be nice if TRS had an ongoing countdown post with a new screenshot a day or something :grin:


I added another milestone post to the “Development of Evolve” thread. Check it out for some Scorpid 2.0 footage.


I think a lot of people are, I am but our HR woman hated me cause I ended up changing the booking twice because I thought the game was coming out later than the 10th in the UK before it all got cleared up lol


Sooo cooool. Early stages of Evolve looked so… Alien! (Nice meme amirite?)

Can’t believe this game has undergone such change in just 4 years!