Curse Exclusively Guarantee Access Big Alpha for PC players!


I did a search on the forums and did not see a thread regarding this:

Mods, if there is a thread regarding this, please close.

On a side note, I went ahead and installed the client, if anyone else is willing to use it add me from steam:


New voice chat program? Hmmmmm… I wonder what would make this any better than TS3 or Mumble. The part I’m not keen on is the free servers. Nothing is free. How are they generating revenue?

Not that any of this matters if you want a Big Alpha code. :slight_smile:


SMITE already uses Curse Voice, I do believe. Seems to work well in that game.


Curse is great I use it everyday.


I downloaded Curse for the code last night, and just had a qq, if anyone could help?

There are two options on leaving it. Exit, which closes the programt (but seems like it doesn’t log you out), and Logout, which logs you out (but doesn’t close the program, and refuses to let you then exit as the options are greyed out).

Is there a way to do both and should i feel daft for missing it?


Ctrl + Alt + Del :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey I put the code and all but how do you install the client earlier?


First you have to get email and than you go to steam-than you put the code to any other game and evolve alpha will be added to your library

Alpha Pre-Download

Per @Morfistro_Morfistro:

After you apply for Big Alpha with the code you received, you will receive an email from either TRS or 2K giving you a key to apply in your steam account. They have not release emails yet, be patient it will come!


Yeaah thats it :smile: