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Eh, I don’t really care to read it anymore. It’s basically more “Oh look DLC, screw this game”. Did this even need to be posted?


Yeah, the bashing about the DLC is the stigma Evolve has to live with and still is talked about today. I’ve seen Evolve brought up like 5 times on Reddit and it’s always criticism towards the DLC.


I constantly hear people complain about DLC, even at my school.

When ever they do, I’m like “Have you even played the game?”




Pitty its just another bashing thread. People mad about skins… Dafuq, they really dont need to buy them


I still don’t understand why people go on about ‘too much dlc’ for evolve. Surely thats a good thing, you don’t need to purchase them to enjoy them as the playerbase is not split between those who do and don’t own dlc characters.

Let’s just enjoy the glorious game and all it’s great dlc, and pay no attention to all the needless negativity surrounding it. :wink:


Lets give some love to this thread instead


Uh, not sure it’s a good idea. Some people are very stubborn and won’t listen. ^^;;


It seems to no longer be there


Eh… people on there are comparing the DLC stuff to Star Wars Battlefront DLC…

People are idiots what can we say?

People see DLC from the get go and immediately assume the worst. I do agree that that stuff should have waited at least twoish weeks after release but oh well.

Not that it mattered since the OP on that site saw a lot of DLC for a game that has been out for a year now which really that person is a total moron.

Guess he would’ve thought that Evolve would be less supported and less expansive after for so long.

I think the blame is mostly on Destiny. People got really salty about DLC ever since Bungie fucked it up and now all games suffer tremendously.

Evolve? Yeah I kinda flipped for like two seconds when I saw all the DLC but after I saw it was just the basic Season Pass (that all games seem to have for some god awful reason) and just simple skins that I couldn’t care less about I was all like “Oh? Okay then I guess I won’t have to buy that stuff. Off to kill things!” and then proceeded to enjoy the game DLC Conspiracy free.


Well thats sad


Well whoever posted it did so poorly.

Having “bullshit” in the title is a sure way to have it closed immediately and be a huge turnoff altogether.

Someone will have to make a separate post that is a little bit calmer and more professional.


True true


To look at this a different way; the referenced post shows a picture where the DLC is heavily broken out into individual pieces. People don’t see it as “Oh, you have the option to buy what you want piecemeal instead of just a season pass”, they just see the overwhelming number of DLC options. Plus the skins are all listed, which don’t affect gameplay at all - but they still contribute to the visual blob. It’s the visual that sparked the reaction, not just what was being sold.

So to ask the obvious question of TRS: I don’t suppose there’s a way to ‘rebundle’ the DLC to remove that appearance, at least via the steam store display? Make it look like there’s ~3 options instead of 30+ (ballpark)?


I’d do it but I don’t have the time and I don’t have an account there and I’m on my Tablet so it makes things difficult.

If someone does make such a post then those of us who can need to keep an eye on it and put in our two cents every few minutes to answer questions and put Evolve in a better light.

Point out that most of the DLC is just cosmetic and doesn’t need to be even touched.

Then point out that the Season Passes are for fully fledged brand new characters and even if people don’t buy them they will still get new free characters (adaptations) and eventually free maps.

And if people still complain about the DLC characters well the game has been out for a damn year so yes it’s going to have some actual DLC and not just weapon and Monster skins.

If anyone wants to argue about Evolve’s DLC “issues” after that then they can stay out. No need to bring back a bunch of childish CoD and Halo players just for Wraith and whatever else to be needlessly nerfed again.


I hope the OP will resubmit the post.

If not maybe I can do it tomorrow, not promising anything


I have for now echoed Takran’s “free stuff Evolve has given” post in a comment here


Hmm looks like the OP really resubmitted the post
Lets hope it will stay longer

@niaccurshi can you unlock my thread with the first link? I will replace it with this one

Edit : nvm its deleted again. The Reddit mods are probably Evolve haters too lol :smiley:


That’s so odd 0__0


Did the miss the fact that most of those said “SKIN”… so … doesn’t affect gameplay? Did they also miss the fact the DLC is additional, optional content for those willing to pay more to get more? Did they also miss the fact that that games like CoD, RR:S and AC: Syndicate have DLC set up in an almost identical way?