Current Views on the Wraith


I know there are a lot of people that are agitated with how the Wraith has been playing out thus far. I have taken a look at the leader boards and seen a couple of matches with the Wraith in action, and I do agree the Wraith LOOKS overpowered. That being said, you have to keep in mind that the Wraith is a glass cannon.

She doesn’t have the bullet sponge body like the Goliath or Kracken so cannot really take much damage. This keeps her speed into perspective. One thing everyone has to remember is, this is 2 days into the game. Calling for nerfs already will hurt the game more than it will help it. Not much of the game has had a chance to flesh out yet and there could be some interesting ways to deal with the Wraith that no one has found yet.

Just from reading some posts here on the forums I have seen people have found ways that work to deal with the Wraith. Certain hunters seem to be better at dealing with the Wraith than others, but all it really will take is learning how to deal with the different factors for the Wraith. I think if we as a community want this game to flourish we need to give it some time before we start asking for nerfs to monsters. Let the character seem overpowered for now and learn to deal with it. Many games have gone the route of patching when nothing was really necessary.

The only thing I can even see that would be worth patching in the first place would just be lowering the Wraith’s speed just a tad bit. Not a huge amount, but just enough that you can see it for more than 3 seconds when you do find it. That in itself may even break the Wraith and make it worthless however.

Hopefully we can figure out how to deal with hunting the Wraith and avoid unnecessary patches to fix something just because it hasn’t flushed out yet. Let’s give it a month or so and see where we stand at that point with the Wraith and then start voicing our opinions on it.


Let hunters see the monster before choosing their class, simple enough. Other wise any talk of balance is pointless.


I’d personally be curious to see what the breakdown is between platforms. I feel like if Wraith is more or less powerful on either PC or console, the other platform would water down those stats, so maybe the minor nerfs after beta ended up not really helping all that much for the platform in question. I know that they weren’t planning on ever balancing the platforms separately, so I doubt they’re even capturing the data, but I still think it’s a possibility.


Let hunters see the monster before choosing their class, simple enough. Other wise any talk of balance is pointless.

Ummm no.

Let the Monsters see what hunters are coming after them…