Current patchnotes for console

Can someone tell me if these are the most current for consoles? i feel like Rval and Blitzkov were released before gorgon but i cant remember. Anyways, just wanna see the most current information for the last update that consoles got. Thanks!

I think this is the most current patch notes for console.

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That and this:

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Console got TU8 for sure and maybe even TU9.

TU9 was the version PC was at when Stage 2 started.

PS4 is currently at the build where using mimic as gorgon causes you to freeze in place while hunters eat your sweet sweet hand meat like you were Dick Nixon.
(Mad tv ref, here it is in case you missed it

They definitely didn’t get TU9, but they did have TU8

Elder Kraken and the Monster OP Buff was the last thing we have got Console

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Yeah, hello darkness my old friend.


If Kelder is OP, its Tu 8