Current opinions of Evolve


Feel free to leave what you think of Evolve / a semi review of the game here.

Anyway, after almost 200 hours of Evolve (alpha, beta, release) I’ll just give a little review.

The good:
Matchmaking is decent, once you hit level 40 or just under matchmaking becomes slower, but that’s most likely because not as many people are around that rank.

Monster play is very fun, the variety of abilities are great and they are fun to use. Not many complaints about being the monster.

The hunters are also enjoyable, not as much as being a monster, but that’s my preference I suppose.
The variety of characters is great, I love how all of the characters are good in many different ways, and no hunter or monster is “bad”.

The maps are fun to play, lots of different biomes which is great.

The tactical play is great.

All characters seem to be well balanced (other than the wraith :s)

There is much more, but Ill refrain from covering EVERYTHING, that would take too long.

The bad:

The Wraith, I know many people will say “Wraith is balanced, you just need to be good- blah blah blah”. Wraith is fun to play, not fun to hunt. Its decoy is still quite powerful, they need to balance out the damage that it deals. It’s extremely fast as well.

Hunting can be quite boring, just running for 10 minutes just to get destroyed by a monster.

The leaderboards are bad, you could be the best Hank in the world but not win games and it puts you at the bottom of the leaderboards. You could be the worst Hank in the world but win games and be number one. Also, people leaving because they don’t want a loss on the leaderboards is annoying.

I’ve seen many bugs with Daisy, she sometimes gets stuck on things and then stays still for the entire match.

Hunters falling through the map, as well as monsters falling through the map is a big bug that ruins games. Hopefully thats patched fast!

Overall, it is a wonderful game. I have no problem with day one cosmetic DLC. I have no problem with DLC in general, as long as it doesn’t ruin balance. Thanks Turtlerock for once again, making another amazing game. I can’t wait to see what happens in the future.


I’ve had a ton of fun playing so far. It’s really a great game. There’s no other games like it, so it’s nice to play sort of a new genre. Not only are all the hunters unique and full of great weapons, but just the environment in game is cool. All the wildlife make the maps come to life and the fact that there is some dialogue definitely helps set the scene too. Some people may not like the grind of the game but I think it keeps it interesting since because of it there is so many things to work towards.

Wraith isn’t the best to go up against. Her moves are just cheap and make battle slow and in some cases unexistent as she just easily gets to stage 3 a lot and takes everyone out.

A little buggy at this point. I’m sure the devs will patch everything up soon but it’s just frustrating right now.

Preference system isn’t great. Not sure if that’s some sort of bug or simply a problem created from one class being too preferred over others, but I don’t get to play my main class nearly enough.

Unlike many I don’t care about the DLC. It’s skins. If it we’re a ton of different hunters and monsters, that’s different.

I’m looking forward to competitive play. Not sure if there is going to be a ranked mode, but I hope so. I actually feel like I’m good at this game.


The other game modes aren’t as fun as I expected. It’s doesn’t last that long and it’s not different enough for me to be excited about, Defend is at least the most amusing since it’s the most different and offers more action with the minion spawns.

Wraith is still annoying.

Disappointed the mouse cursor bug made it into launch, that was a bug since the Big Alpha.

Having fun though despite all my criticism.