Current "meta"


I thought there would never be a day I’d say this, but its reaching a point where I can’t enjoy this game anymore. Every hunter team I’ve come across is the same old broken group (Torvald, Abe, Laz, Sunny) I got so tired with facing this team that I sent my favorite role (Monster) to the back of the priority list, only to still be get stuck with the monster, more than 80% of the time. The rare occasion I do get to play as Assault, I’m flamed with messages that I’m not picking Torvald and get left by entire parties. I know “one player” isn’t gonna make a big difference, but from a fan who has played since the beta, has spent hundreds of dollars in this game and its merchandise, and someone who proudly displays the Hunter patch I won smack dab in the middle of my gaming shrine, its slowly becoming one of of the most discouraging experiences I’ve ever had with gaming.
Heartfelt rant over.


The meta I’m fighting usually is Hank, Caira, Griffin, and Torvald.


[quote=“Koshi93, post:1, topic:56447, full:true”]Every hunter team I’ve come across is the same old broken group (Torvald, Abe, Laz, Sunny)

same old broken group (Torvald, Abe, Laz, Sunny)

broken group (Abe, Laz)

broken (Laz)

Laz broken?


I generally don’t fight that team very often, though I do fight a lot of sunny which can be annoying. Guessing you are getting just some bad luck. Never have gotten a message myself from someone complaining about the character i am either. Sucks to have to be getting that.


It’s Caira, Sunny, Griffin, Torvald in pretty much every game I play. I try to mix it up by taking Val, Hank, Crow or Hyde but I think they’re everyone elses second pick too.


It sounds like you’re getting unlucky, because that’s not in any way the meta, at least in tournaments - in fact, I would stomp all over teams like this. I haven’t played against an Abe in a while. I presume you’re on Xbox, because you say you played the beta, so I’d suggest trying to change your location settings or coming on at a different time of day. Trust me, you’ll start missing Abe soon enough.


LOLOLOL abe and laz



To be honest, I prefer the current meta with Sunny and Caira, rather than the old one with Hank and Caira.
The assault and trapper usually don’t matter. I know Maggie used to be the main one because she required the least effort, but now days I see a lot of Crow players, and to be honest, I don’t mind that. He is fun to play with and against. :smile:


I don’t know what people are doing who make these crazy claims. I am constantly in totally different groups - last night in a pub match we were randomly Val, Bucket, Parnell, and Griffin.

Whatever you are doing isn’t happening to me.


I mostly bump into Caira, Hank, Griffin/Maggie and Torvald.


This is what I’m seeing also.


Assholes. They have no right to tell you what to play. I bet these are the kind of guys clamoring over the need of everyone playing with mics. So sad. Let everyone play the way they want. They think that a team is one person bossing the others.


On Xbox One in my experience lately the go to combo is Slim, Sunny, Maggie, and Hyde. And since I main Goliath, I can barely move around thanks to shitty harpoon traps snagging me through walls and from the top of cliffs even though I’m 10 feet below.


hey,welcome to the club
The game just isn't fun anymore


I see a lot of Caira, Hank, Griffin, and Torvald like a lot of others have said. Interestingly, I don’t have too much trouble with this combination but its a lot better than having Sunny in the mix. I have a lot more trouble with the Laz + Sunny combination instead.


they use ABE as the meta? PFFFFT i win then. every time. i have never lost to a abe. sure he is good. but as long as you understand how to beat him IE stealth the shit out of him. and NEVER go where he has been unless necessary then . . . well . . . he sucks


[quote=“Zach_Stark, post:15, topic:56447, full:true”] I have a lot more trouble with the Laz


thats funny cause monster my first choice and i’ve gotten medic and trapper which are my last two choices.


Tier 5 just got announced, you won’t like them. OP as f****k. Except the monster, he needs major buffs. Unless you exploit him, then he’s unbeatable with his bugs. And the new Trappers x-Ray vision is horribly hard to counter, and the assault with his dual wielding lightning guns. The new support has a Nerf Ray, that nerfs the monster, making his abilities ineffective against good teams.


Links please