Current matchmaking isn't pefect, but


It surely dooms smurfs. After the matchmaking patch I’ve seen so many smurfs, who would have less than 20hrs of playing yet get matched with me, with more than 20 win streaks. I’m pretty sure that they are smurfs because they know how to roach, tinkerbell, what skills to dodge and what to take, and how to cut monster off. Very hard to do that in less than 20hrs. Some of them are even friends of players with more than several hundreds hours of playing. (tbh the number of smurfs got extremely larger after the weekend op event, but whatever.)

Whenever I eat them up I feel like I’m doing something good for players overall… and feel relieved that he will have bad time after this point, and won’t be able to bully newbies.

Unless they make up a new account again :frowning: but it will bug them a lot to make a new account after playing every 10hours, so… I would say the number of smurfs will decrease over time with this new matchmaking system.


Why exactly would anyone smurf in current match-making? I think it is only in your head and you actually just pwn pub noobs .

You can just change your name to Mr.Pickle and go fight pretending to be new with private profile…


Because some people are coward enough to fear playing with people who has equal or higher level of playing? It happens in every game. Nothing unusual.

I’ve been playing long enough to know if people are rly noob or not my friend, so plz don’t put it like that.


Are you playing on console?On pc stage2 it does not matter what level of playing you have,matchmaking is in shit.


I think a lot of this is actually console players coming to PC. I’m not saying no one would smurf for some strange reason (or remake account after ban), but a number of console people have come over to PC.


That makes sense.


If 500 people have been banned so far like the devs have stated a lot of these people are probably those coming back on their new accts.