Current list of PC bugs (2/21/2015)


This thread a hub/catch-all for bugs posted within the bugs forum until a new patch is released. I will continue searching for bugs/issues on my own, which will be placed with picture proof in this thread, if any are found. The intent is to focus on PC-related bugs, just in case there are disparities between the platforms.


-Activating and deactivating the steam overlay in rapid succession may cause Evolve to crash without an error given. (Source)
-Achievement “Natural Selection” appears to be bugged. Valid evacuation runs are not given the achievement (source) while invalid evac runs are. (source)
-Achievement “Strategist” does not seem to count intentionally watching the basic/advanced tutorials from the menu as having watched the tutorials for completion purposes.

-Parts of leaderboards are randomly reset for individual players. (no citation needed).
-Some leaderboards seem obtusely high (Source)
-Progression is rarely randomly reset for individual players. (Progression/Leaderboard TRS update)
-There are some matches that result in one or more players forced into spectating slots. (Source with pictures)
-Servers can infinitely loop without progressing through Evacuation campaign days or re-entering the lobby, resulting in the same map being played several times (Source, additional info)
-Some servers do not attempt to search for new players during the lobby phase, instead opting to connect players during the picking phase or after a match has started. It occurs after several matches have been played in succession, and can occur even if 3-4 slots are unfilled.
-Solo/custom rules (i.e. no perks) might be carrying over to online matches. (Source)

-Text chat has several audio and display issues, especially on transitional phases during a match. (Source)
-The microphone stick if toggled on when a loading screen initiates. (Source)
-The monster can speak/hear via microphone in the progression after-game phase, but cannot type to hunters. (Source)
-Text does not immediately accept keys after enter is pressed, resulting in the first portion of sentences or words being lost if typing quickly. (Source)

-Game randomly crashes on some machines without an error given. Update: Is not tied solely to Fullscreen video type. (Source, Source2). Happens consistently to this guy.
-Context corruption: It is a random occurrence that crashes one of more players out of a match. There is little indication on what potential causes there could be for it. (Source)
-DXGI Crash: Claims it’s not his fault. (Link, other source)
-DEVICE_HUNG error still occurs. (Link)
-Duration of connection to server after connection is lost is strangely long. (source with video)

-Menus are improperly cropped at various resolutions. See linked thread for relevant details.
-Monsters overshadow skill/perk selection at 1024x768. (Link)
-Looping animations accelerate slightly after each loop. For example, the character in the main menu will slowly start moving faster the longer the menu isn’t changed.
-Preferences do not read out correctly in some cases. (Source, pictures 7 and 8)
-In Solo, monster and hunter palette swaps are reverted to their basic form (non-custom) during the short period after the player selects deploy. They are still correctly shown in the match, so it’s just a weird visual bug.
-If a new menu is loaded, it does not detect if the mouse is over a button that can be pressed, and the mouse must be moved off, then back onto the menu button to select it. (Source)
-During the pick phase as a hunter, other hunters sometimes see the wrong name in slots and cannot see their pick. (Source)
-Minimap sometimes disappears without pressing Tab to toggle it back off. (Source)

-Tabbing in and out of Evolve sometimes causes the mouse to become persistent, such that it remains visible on the screen during the hunter’s drop-in or while in first-person mode.
-Tabbing in and out of Evolve causes cinematics (such as those found in Extraction) to greatly drop in framerate. This issue dissipates as long as the mouse is being moved. Constantly.
-Windowed[Fullscreen] automatically minimizes for no discernable reason. This was not the case during Beta, and is overall a negative impact. (Link)
-In Fullscreen with dual monitors, the mouse is sometimes not locked in-game, resulting in the mouse moving to the other monitor. This means clicking selects any windows open there, automatically minimizing Evolve whenever one turns in the direction of the second monitor. (Source)

Resource corruption:
-Game does not perform checks to prevent events such as invisible characters from occurring. Ex: Val model was corrupted/lost, player can no longer see Val. (Link with pictures) Update: Restarting fixes this (temporarily? Link)


-Map objects sometimes reload into different things while the match is being played. Example: Barrel containers reloaded into singular barrels. (Link with picture, Link with video)
-Clipping may be a result of latency in conjunction with the “climb up” action. (Link with video)
-Some matches end up having zero gravity. (Link with video)
-Clipping with Wraith may be from using traversals in rapid succession next to objects. (Link with video)

-Unfair hunter location: Hunters can indefinitely kite Goliath around generator, as it cannot be climbed, the hunters can fire through the generator to the other side to prevent generator progression, and Caira can heal through the platform generator is situated on. Issue exacerbated with selections like Abe, Bucket, or Markov.

Orbital Drill:
-There is at least one building that causes characters to clip into it if climbed from a certain side. Challenging to replicate. (Location)
-Unfair hunter location: Directly outside relay is an unreachable ledge for Goliath that hunters can stand on. (Proof)

Refueling Tower:
-Unfair hunter location: On top of a pillar near relay, cannot be climbed by Goliath and is out of range of all attacks (sans rock throw, but ehh). Has a direct line of sight to relay. (Location, Proof)

The Dam:
-Bugged Hunter location: On top of colored pipe directly next to relay. This is not currently unfair because all monsters can reach it, but it is unable to be climbed or stood upon by a monster. (Location)
-Bugged Hunter location: In metal bar near relay. This is not currently unfair because all monsters can reach it, but it is unable to be climbed or stood upon by a monster. (Location, pt 2)
-Unfair hunter location: Hunters can get behind fence near relay by flying through portion of fence that doesn’t actually exist. Cannot be reached by Goliath. (Link with many videos)

Wraith Trap:
-Characters have fallen through the map. (Source with picture)

-Unfair hunter location. While in pictured building, Golaith (third stage) cannot reach hunters. This location is near/in a line of sight to generator. (Link with picture)

Game modes-

-Entering during the final day (Defend) can result in the mission report having NaN values. (Link to Picture)
-The mission report is only given to the players that continue into the next match, rather than after the Evac campaign experience count-up and before the character progression page.
-The Hunt game-mode during Evacuation sometimes does not end when the relay is destroyed (Link)

-The “Additional Minion” map effect (from Refueling Tower, I think) adds to the minions that must be slain in Nest mode, thereby increasing it from 6 egg/minion kills to 7. (Source with picture)
-The additional minion also has extravagant amounts of health (noticeably more than the monster in a majority of cases).
-An egg spawn point was behind one of the force walls map effect one time.
-Minions in Nest always know the position of hunters, in that if the only remaining hunters are invisible, they will still seek them out from any distance.
-In some rare cases, Nest does not end if all 6 minions/eggs are slain. (Source) Update: Hunters were not given kill credit for a minion (video clip)
-Minions can clip through the world, resulting in an unwinnable match for hunters (minion doesn’t care about leaving territory). (Link with picture)
-Minion AI can get easily lost or distracted. Additionally, there are locations it will not go even if hunters are there. (Source with video)

-Monster AI on Defend prioritizes very poorly, in that if chased when it goes back to regain armor, the hunters can keep it walking in circles until it is slain. This is accomplished by shooting it whenever it tries to eat something.
-The “Goodbye” Accolade, which is killing turrets in Defend, seems to add kills from something else. My best guess is that if turrets are destroyed while playing defend, all participating players receive kill credit instead of just the monster.
-In Custom Defend matches, map effects cannot be selected.
-Minions on Defend are acting strangely toward damage/healing in some Evacuation campaigns. (Link1, Link2)
-Minion AI can break, resulting in it doing nothing until slain. (Link)
-Damage dealt to generators or turrets is considered damage dealt to hunters for the purposes of progression. This has so far been confirmed with Kraken’s Banshee Mines.

-Monster AI on Rescue prioritizes the downing/slaying of survivors, but does not respond to revive attempts on survivors (most notably Lazarus revives).
-Survivors from Rescue sometimes still get strikes when revived using the Lazarus Device.


-Hunters inappropriately disconnected sometimes despawn, spawning an Ebon Star soldier in its place
-There are some cases where one or more hunters are duplicated. Duplications are controlled by AI. (Link with video) Note: Repeatable method of duplicating hunters found.
-There are some cases where one or more hunters are substituted in place of other hunters. Ex: 2 trappers, no medic. (Link with pictures)
-Reload Speed perk does not appropriately improve the cooldown of several hunter skills. This includes: Lazarus’ Stealth, Caira’s Acceleration Field, Hank’s Orbital Barrage, Bucket’s UAV, Cabot’s Radioactive Dusting, and Parnell’s Beserking. (Link with discussion)
-Trappers can jetpack thrust out of their own dome. (Link to youtube video-proof)
-Some hunters can get stuck in the sky instead of dropping down. (Source, picture 5)
-Hunters sometimes use wrong dialogue. (Link)
-Hack/exploit: Hunters can get unlimited jetpack fuel. (Proof required, link)

-The amount shielded is not kept track of if one takes over a bot Hank after the match has begun. This includes mastery progression.

-Dying while activating UAV can cause the camera to become fish-eyed for the remaining portion of the match. (Link)

-Cabot’s Rail gun hits eggs twice.
-Radioactive Dusting can be placed in areas that it cannot reach (caves, for example) by shifting the camera to an invalid position near the final frames.
-Radioactive Dusting has legal positions that hit map obstacles such as rock outcroppings, resulting in the explosion occurring much higher than intended and wasting the skill. (Proof)
-Radioactive Dusting is counted twice for progression purposes if placed directly over the monster (Once for initial burst, once for AoE lingering effect).

-Val AI does not attempt to save allies from wildlife that incapacitates a hunter. (Link)

-The Lazarus device seems to break some computer AI when used on their corpses. The most common examples of this include: Rescue mission survivors (they stop trying to enter the extraction point), tyrants (they start wandering to other positions outside the water), and most other creatures meant to be tied to a certain position or activity. This bug does not always occur from Lazarus device usage.
-Lazarus Device does not lock onto a target once charge-up is initiated. As a result, corpses that move near/over an intended target are sometimes revived instead.

-Daisy normally does not attempt to revive hunters if Lazarus is on the team. This rule is not functioning in Rescue with survivors. It is unknown if it functions with map effects NPCs, such as the Ebon Star merc or the Colonists. (Link with video)
-Daisy sometimes does not have her parachute deploy at the start of a match, resulting in her running in place for 5 seconds. (Link, youtube video proof, 1 minute/48 seconds)

-Harpoon is not broken by line of sight loss for strangely long periods of time.
-Griffin’s dialogue options are constantly overwritten by dialogue generated by the monster being detected by a sensor. I still don’t know if Griffin actually has dropship dialogue after dying one or more times because “you thought you were sneaky!”

-Getting too close to the monster can cause the Lightning Gun to not attack. (Source)


-If a player leaves during the skill-picking phase and the AI takes over, it sometimes “loses” these points should a new player connect, then evolve to a new stage.
-In some rare cases, a player can receive a fourth skill point upon evolving. Using this results in all skills being reset. (Link)
-Climbing after killing the last hunter in Hunt causes tracking issues during the monster victory roar.
-The hunter’s dropship scene can interrupt the monster’s victory roar, as it continues to tick down after the match has ended.
-Monster sneak attack can detect invisible nearby hunters. (Link)
-Monster sneak attack can be used on characters actively attacking monster.
-Monster sneak attack can capture aerial targets at strangely long range.
-Particle effects tied to being struck by certain effects can be retained through the victory roar if activated when the monster wins. Examples include: Harpoon traps, Markov’s Mines, and Stasis Grenades.
-Some monster attacks that have movement, when used near edges, can cause the monster to fly. Velocity from animations retained when put into the air. (Link)
-Monsters can deal damage through solid walls (no line of sight to hunters). (Source with video)

-Can initiate Leap Smash and Rock Throw at the same time. (Link with video)
-Sometimes gets severe sliding issues. For example, monster doesn’t seem to connect with ground or has some sort of low gravity in effect. Is not solely linked to connection of Goliath-player. (Link with video)
-Can pull rocks out of the air by falling after initiation of Rock Throw. (Source)
-Can have a rock stuck on his arm by using Rock Throw after killing the last hunter, but not quickly enough to finish Rock Throw’s animation before the victory roar occurs.

-The Kraken AI breaks under some rare circumstance when in the Trapper’s dome. It simply stops moving or attacking until slain. I’ve seen it occur in Rescue, Defend, and Hunt, always inside a dome.
-Using traversal in rapid succession can cause Kraken players to lose their third traversal without gaining any benefits. In other words, 2 activations = 3 bars depleted. (Source)

-The Decoy has its own health and armor bar. Instead of actually being invulnerable, it provokes hunter dialogue that shouldn’t be played (such as mentions of the Wraith no longer having armor). Is theoretically possible to kill a Decoy if the wraith has low enough health/armor when Decoy is used. (Link to Youtube video segment, 20 minutes/2 seconds)
-The Wraith can remain indefinitely in the air by chaining its abilities. The cooldown reduction buff/perk exacerbates the issue. (Link to Youtube video segment, 5 minutes/36 seconds)
-Abduct sometimes sticks (Source)
-Abduct sometimes gets messy when a hunter is at the Wraith’s maximum Abduct range.
-Abduct and thin walls or corners don’t give good results.

-The Man-eating plant can disable a player while dead if slain when a player begins to activate the grab. (Link, Confirmation)
-Megamouth can experience a similar effect, in that if it dies when a hunter is about to be incapacitated by it, the hunter cannot be revived as they float in place, being grappled by a dead creature.
-Wildlife with aggressive tendencies sometimes teleport up hills/structures, resulting in strange visuals. This has occurred with Megamouths and Dune Beetles.
-Nomads attack with unholy speed, so fast that they sometimes don’t even have an attack animation.
-Map-generated colonist corpses never decay. The Lazarus Device does not function on them either (unlike other wildlife corpses)

People are exploiting maps
Distillery Building by the Relay
Disappointed with the bugs
Losing evolve point in game

This is not a bug.


Edit2: Section was removed. To prevent people from dwelling on this, this post’s content was also removed.


I just mean the devs have talked about it being in there before so they definitely intended for it to be in. It’s a big part of her strategy to be honest because she has so little armour.


Fair enough; section has been removed.

Additionally, if anyone happens to find a map-related bug, feel free to post it (along with map name) here so it can be included within the original post.


Not a map bug but write this.

I jumped into a Plant and shot it just before it ate me.Markovs lighting was shown.But it also ate me.The other players couldn’t kill it while it was eating me.Also i wasn’t loosing any life.So the game was just confused.I was in there for 2 minutes before the game ended.

Just write about drunk plants xD


I can confirm this as I was in that game. Our assault was missing from battle once again xD


I’m just enjoying the beauty of Shear…


This is a post to depict the location of a building that has been clipped into. I’ve not yet replicated the bug myself, but it has occurred in matches I’ve participated within on two previous occasions. The map is Orbital Drill.


This is a post to depict an unfairly hard-to-reach location that hunters can reach. It is easy to accomplish and is on the building of the relay. The map is Orbital Drill.


The first is a picture of an impossible-to-reach location for Goliath players that hunters can reach. The second picture is proof that hunters can reach and stand on this location. The map is Refueling Tower.

Second picture:

New Exploit Found? Refueling Tower

You can see the particle and kind of the headglow


The first picture is a confirmation that this is a valid Dust location according to the game. The second picture is proof that dusting in this valid location results in it exploding prematurely due to an overhang.

Image of result:


The first picture is of a location that can be hard to reach for monsters. It is either unintended in that monsters cannot reach it, or it’s unintended in that there is no ledge-climbing at either location. The map is The Dam.

Location 1: Orange pipes near relay.

Location 2: Hollowed metal bar near relay.


val sometimes doesn’t load properly and turns invisible lol


Are you certain your Val model resources have not been corrupted/lost in some way, meaning it only affects you? I’d recommend verifying the integrity of your game cache (if on PC) or reinstalling to see if that fixes it (It probably will).

I will add it nevertheless. Thank you for your notification.


Nicely done. Thanks for putting this together. Have a few screens on my computer back at home I might add here.


No, because restating the game fixes it. Only happened twice so far.


This one affects almost everyone, it’s more common. Some game assets, especially the barrels, will like fade or re-appear based what direction you look at them from.

You can test this one yourself in game and see it most likely, everyone of my friends has reported seeing this happen so far.


Can we toss in completely random crashes without error messages or any warning for seemingly no reason? Just strait to desktop faster than an Alt+F4.

(I know that’s stupidly difficult to diagnose, but it’s also really frustrating. Have seen reports from AMD and Nvidia users, various hardware and OS and driver versions.)