Current game modes


So… there’s a lot of threads regarding the classes and whether or not Wraith is OP or not. In regards to the classes my opinion is that they’re balanced. Both hunters and monsters always have a way of dealing with the opposing team.

What I feel is not balanced at the moment is the game modes. And they favor the hunter team.

Like I said - all hunter setups can kill any monster, and if they can’t, it’s down to skill of the players. But only the hunters can in advance know what the best setup is going to be for next match.
By picking certain characters you can gain an enormous advantage early that, if not win the match fast, is crippling enough for the monster to have no advantage at stage 3 or 2 with full armor. And I think it’s mostly due to the fact that stage 1 one is unholy for the monster, whereas stage 3 is still a tough fight (I’m assuming knowledge of the game mechanics and individual skill in all hunters, and the monster, of course).

It’s mostly a problem in Evacuation, obviously, where your success and final bonus depends on how you did in previous matches. Simply making next map/game mode random and unknowable would level the playing field quite a bit for the stage 1 monster. In Hunt (which always is the first map) - maybe give the monster more of a head start? Or make it harder for daisy to track stealthed movement?
Defend I think can be sorted by tweaking the AI monsters to switch to the turrets if they do X amount dmg to them. Or make the turrets weaker or easier to target as the monster - i.e, not hidden behind rocks that sends you into a fight that might seal the deal right there… something it often does because the hunters do have a perfect team for it… I’m looking at you Cabot and Parnell.


I think Monster has a good advantage in Rescue, Hunters have an advantage in Nest (Though I think it is a lot easier once you know how to counter Bucket and make him your female dog) and Defend slightly favors Hunters.

I think that voting wise, the losing party should pick the map instead of always being in the Hunters favor. Why would they choose rescue over nest when it favors them etc…


I’ve brought up the point many times, they don’t seem to be willing to rework these modes at all. They don’t even seem to care to make the easiest change to alternating the map vote system between teams. Everyone is in denial, or do the whole, well you went 5-0 one time so that obviously means its balanced! The laughable excuse is it is for fun modes so doesn’t matter.


Rescue and nest are the two things in this game I would say are unbalanced. That includes hunters and monsters too


I think the monster is at a disadvantage in rescue as well. In order to avoid a 4-0 lead for the hunters, you have to take that stage 1 fight (possibly stage 2 with no armor if you’re lucky with feeding), and as we know, hunters that know what they’re doing take down any stage 1 monster.

In nest I feel it’s a tad more forgiving to take a stage 1 fight as you can have a minion with you… but MOST of the time it turns out bad, as taking away one egg, leaves 2 (they split and take out 3 at the same time with bucket/hank and markov) with you still at stage 1 and the most you can hope for really is one dead, in which case they can wait for the dropship. And while you feed they will try to take out at least one of the remaining two.

Hunt is just a matter of surviving stage 1. Which becomes very difficult when Daisy sets after you instantly, revealing which general direction you are in, then fan out (bucket UAV, Cabot dust help as well ofc) and it’s a wonder if they don’t spot you desperately trying to get your armor up. And once they find you they just will not lose you. Sneaking is useless at that point because of said abilities, and add to that Val tranq or caira speed… and you’re running for the rest of the match.

And defend is just… it’s easy if the hunters don’t know what to do… but if they know, they just go yolo Parnell with super soldier and Cabot dmg amp. You don’t survive 3 generators and 8 turrets when they go with that tactic. And oh… Cabot will make sure you never feed again with the railgun… long as you’re tracked/dusted - no more armor.


Honestly I think when it comes to voting for the " next" mode on evacuation hunters have total control. Example if hunters are any smart they will pick nest 100% over hunt or rescue all day. I don’t know seems like 4vs1 when it comes to voting is a no brainer hunters have full control. Outside of voting I think the game is well balanced.


Playing Rescue and Nest has taught me to fight at stage 1. I now can fight hunters several times at stage 1 without losing to them. I may or may not make headway but I enjoy the challenge. Wiping hunters once on nest mode at stage 1 guarantees time to stage 2 and get full armor. I’m above 50% winrate on nest with monster. Rescue is easily monster favored. I aim to get 1 down per 2 spawn then rush to the 5 spawning and wipe out at least 1 or 2 before the hunters get there and that last one is easy enough to isolate.

Premades even stopped playing the objective and made teams to beat me and I was able to pull off wins. It takes practice but it’s possible to win stage 1 fights.

Regardless, I’m of a like mind that Nest and Rescue are not balanced.