Current experienced and active Xbox players


Hey everyone, it’s been a really long while since I last posted. Truth be told I took a long hiatus from the game to really focus on school. Anyway, now that I’m back I’ve been playing Evolve more frequently and I’m seeing a lot of new players! That’s so exciting! Anyway that’s not the point of this post so I’ll get on with it. Though playing against and with new characters is fun, I would also like to have a challenge every once in a while. So, if you’re experienced in the game and are active, could you post your GT so we can run a custom or something. --if there’s a post similar feel free to merge or remove or whatever. Thanks everyone!


GT- B0bZ0mb1e2113
I get on atleast 3 times a week, an i have a mic :wink:
Im forever stuck in bronze destroyer (but with a team maybe i cld ascend) if your interested in ranked play.
Welcome back to Evolve. We’ve missed you!!!
If you didnt kno the TU9 is guna hit in june or Julyish an its a complete game changer.

Also good call on focusing on school an stuff :+1:


GT: obstaclezero

I mostly play at night , PST


Send me an invite anytime


Gt: SQUARE Necron

I believe you’re already on my friends list but I’m leaving this here just in case.

Mic’ed up.

Silver skilled/expert

Mained trapper so hard, my friends usually wont let me play anything else. Despite my begging :confused: lol


GT : AsouRaa
European Time Zone

Always have a group of 4/5 experienced player to make some custom games


GT: TaiMaxSK

I play solo most nights and weekends (CST zone) and would love to have some fellow Evolve fans for customs. Always looking to improve and have fun.


Not active right now because of exams, but soon:)


My GT is ZimThunder95, I wouldn’t say I’m the best player but I’m definitely experienced.


Im guna add like everyone on thos list lmfao


I know lol, I visit the forums pretty frequently to see if there is any teasers or updates that I would want to know. And thanks for the praise, This first year was really stressful, id say i had to… Evolve to make it through my first year of college lol. failed two classes and ended up dropping them in my first semester because it didnt realize how different the environment was from High School.

Ill add you and shoot all of you a message when i get on tonight!, just so you guys can add me as well and we can definitely play some customs.

also, just a side note, I wont do ranked hunt as a hunter unless i know how well the team does together and the synergy is good. Just got into silver during my winter break so not trying to sacrifice it heheh.




Added everyone here…


Im trying to get a gamee, so if anyone wants to party up…

GT: obstaclezero


GT: TheLittleJay

Play fairly regularly, just send me a message. I try to always respond so if I don’t I’m probably AFK.


Anybody playing tonight? My usual time range is weekdays around Midnight-1am(USEastern) an im on as long as the game keeps finding me good people to play with.
My weekend scheduale is crazy so theres no telling when ill be on then. Lolz


Im usually on from 12pm to 4am EST, M-F. See you on tonight.


You got it


I’m on fairly often and ALWAYS down for customs (not a big fan of Hunt although will play if need- be).

I’ve got roughly 3,000 games played

Gamertag: PiriePiriePie


GT MYKN1F3URF4C387 down for customs
I play Fri and Sat on around 7 pm cst to early morning.Silver expert hunter if we play good together possibly get down on 2 0 its all in synergy.