Current Evolve related Photoshop project

I had this incredibly annoying voice in the back of my head about making an avatar for a future Evolve steamgroup. After looking around, I found this figurine of the Evolve Goliath. I went ahead and used this image.

It took my a while cropping away all the white, including around the Goliath itself to make it look seamless. (Y’all are free to use it if you want…)

So far, this is what I’ve got. I plan to add some Hunters in there too… May also decide to remove everything that isn’t inside the V. (1080x1080, may require a click)

A quick update. I went ahead and cropped my favorite Medic thusfar, Val.

Here she is in the updated avatar version:

I finally did Bucket. Took me less than 2 hours, and I did a different method this time when it came to doing him. I preserved as much quality as possible but in order to smooth out the ledges, I went ahead and used a 75% strength blur on edges to smooth out the pixels. The quality loss isn’t noticeable unless you zoom in to 140%.

Here’s Griffin! Took about an hour and a half. Getting a bit easier. Though… his mullet got damaged a bit in the process. I’m trying to find a new way to “anti-alias” the edges so they won’t look so sharp (I go in and remove each pixel individually after paint bucket to remove as much orange as possible). So far, just using blur which causes quality loss and minimal aliasing.


Why wouldn’t you just use the png?

What? -10character limit-

He’s asking why you didn’t save the image in a .PNG format so you wouldn’t get the background to show.

You posted here a PNG with no background, and then went on to say that the version you used where you masked out the monster. The png would have been simpler.

I believe that photo had some shadow effects so even if you tried to convert it, it would leave behind that white background.

Ah. Well, Steam doesn’t allow transparency in their avatars. So I’m going with a color in the background. I don’t like plain black, so I went with 080808, and might decide to do a light gradient for the background since I hate flat colors.

You still have me confused.

Just used the PNG, albeit entirely different composition

Because, I didn’t want the “Evolve” at the top. Plus, I want to make and customize my own “V”.

This “Reply to” system is really buggy =\

It’s ok, I’m in no way trying to stop you or stifle you creatively, just saying you could save your time from masking it out by using the PNG.

By the way, DINpro font is damn close if you have it bolded for the V

I’m not sure what you mean by saving time. I am using the PNG? I made the V, then dragged/dropped the PNG onto the V and started messing with effects and made it into multiple layers. Also the goliath/rock is still visible outside the V. You just need to turn up the brightness on your GPU->Monitor to see it.

I’m planning on making the outside of the V a bit more visible…

No I can see the rock, I’m using a calibrated IPS, I’m not trying to duplicate what you are doing, sorry if it was confusing. I’ll be on my way

Updated the OP showing Val now included in the WIP image.

Updated OP showing Bucket. Haven’t updated avatar though. Thinking about remaking it from scratch again.

Introducing Griffin!

Would you like any help on cutting these out?

I’m already cutting them out myself though? I mean, if you want to do the other Hunters (I actually have a neat idea) that’d make things quicker. It’s just that I’m pretty anal about my photoshop stuff! So, leave no orange or jagged edges alive!

How are you cropping them? Because if you use Select > Color Range it takes like seconds to crop most of the stuff out and after it’s a bit of touch up.

@Slewey I was using Paint Bucket with different high tolerance levels on layer mask. It got rid of most of the orange and even made some places spotless. For everything else, there’s 1x1 pixel brush through layer mask.