Current Emet heal stats vs. Legacy Emet heal stats


So @LordDeath informed me on Emets new Stage 2 stats, and I’d thought I’d share the gaps as well as my opinion.

Stage 2:

  • Buoy passive heal: 40 hp/s
  • Team Healburst: 180
  • Self Healburst: 180
  • Incapped Healburst: 150
  • Healburst Cooldown: 4 seconds


  • Buoy passive heal: 40 hp/s
  • Team Healburst: 375
  • Self Healburst: 550
  • Incapped Healburst: 450
  • (don’t know the original Healburst Cooldown)

This data shows that Emet’s healing was watered down. @LordDeath also said Emet is getting tweaks, so this discussion could be irrelevant soon :tm:.

The major problem I see and feel for Emet is his Healburst. It looks like TRS wanted to lower his burst, and lowered Cooldown time to balance him. He now needs to spam it like slim, but is faced with the task of constantly throwing buoys to properly heal people (it feels like the buoys got a health decrease imo too).

This is hard to do because it takes a while to throw a buoy, so majority of the time Emet isn’t using Healburst once it comes up again, as least immediately because he needs to setup another buoy.

As for solutions, TRS should go back to the playstyle Emet had before with a longer Healburst Cooldown and a stronger Healburst. This is because it’s hard to land a perfect buoy next to a focused Hunter, and spamming buoys is a bit of an asspain. Emet also lacks and self-sustainability, so if he gets focused or cornered he is a free down, especially without a defensive support.


IIRC Emet’s HB in Legacy was about 12 seconds.


I never bought EMET because I never found his healing to be viable against a skilled Monster. Until I see real changes I’m not relying on 40 per tick healing when Rogue Val does the same without the set up time and has more healing combined with her Chain Medgun.


Back in Legacy, his healing was amazing.

You keep comparing him to RVal, but the the only disadvantage RVal has is that players need to be near her. Emet can heal all the way across the map.

Like I said above, his HB is the major weak point for him. Passive heals are kinda extinct now because of the slight passive all hunters got. Emet always relied on healing via HB.


But yeah, given how much damage monsters are capable of pumping out in swift succession 180 for a HB every 4 seconds isn’t anywhere near enough. Since by the time you’ve got your HB back the monster’s already done like 5 times what you’ve just healed.


How far is his throwing range? The same as Abe’s stasis grenades?


Besides, now every support has shields and there’s not a lot of good damage perks for Monsters. His healing seems great to me, given all their other new defensive tools.


I believe so. Maybe less. I always run a 425% jump boost on Emet for an extended range, so I don’t know is base stats for distance.


But keep in mind that Emet needs to spam it rapidly in order to “properly” heal the team. He cannot rely on the buoys passive alone, especially since they seem easier to destroy now.

That spam is what is breaking him, imo.


Spam what, his healburst? It’s not like doing so stops him from doing anything else.


His Buoys. Not his HB.


@Nasha842 @KaptinSkorge

Both his buoys and HB.

If TRS wants a medic with a low HB Cooldown, then leave it to slim. All slim needs to do is shoot and spam HB. Emet requires a lot more skill because he needs to toss a buoy near a Hunter for the HB to be effective.


I wouldn’t really count the high HB use as part of the “spam” he might need to do just to be effective. Since, as has been said, using the HB doesn’t stop him from doing other things.


It actually does. If he is being focused then he is giving up a strafe key, assuming he hotkeyings, like I do.

His HB is useless unless a Hunter is near a buoy, and if one is not, Emet needs to throw a buoy near that Hunter, so if his HB is already up he is doing less healing. On top of his HB being watered do, so if a Hunter is targeted and not staying near buoys, Emet needs to constantly throw a buoy as well as use HB once that Hunter is within range.


Correct. If hunters don’t play around his buoys, they suffer, as they should. If they do play around his healing buoys, they stay alive super well.

With all the new perks and new support class ability, it feels harder to kill hunters than it has for a while. EMET included.

And if you can’t strafe and healburst simultaneously because of your hotkeys, that’s not really an EMET issue.


Kind of an ignorant statement to say. Monsters can push and bully and corner hunters. Saying ‘muh, hunters fault’ is like saying its a monsters fault for being harpooned and should have dodged.


now i see the real stats and I am like WOW! He sucks! Like Emet was Ok, to great in Legacy but the stats for Stage 2 makes it seem EXTREMELY UP


I wonder if his healing values are going to be changed before the Tuesday balance update.


Sure, the monster can push you away a little, but not forever. If a monster dies because they get leashed to death, in my opinion, it is their fault. They have tools to deal with that.

EMET has by far been the most effective healer I’ve gone against, above all others. Him and Hank together are brutal - you can’t focus anyone because of shields, and you can spread out damage because you can’t CC everyone or spread out damage enough to handle the buoys.


I find EMET extremely useless right now (as a healer).

From the matches I’ve done with EMETs on the team, even when he spams heal beacons on the floor it is far from enough to sustain monster damage.