Current bad design choices - My 2 cents


I believe the monster stats are balanced now,and mostly when the hunters do mistakes,it can win easily.If they play great,they will probably win.

But i think the “rules” of hunt,are way too complex,full of hidden mechanics,and right now there are some bonuses to monster that i feel are not needed after the buffs


Downing a hunter disables the dome for 12 sec.

That does not make any sense,it’s just there.The punishment for getting downed is now having 3 hunters,and possibly all dying since you got no shield/heal/damage/cc.This is just a monster crutch.For example i played a game yesterday where i was lazarus,we had 6-7 seconds until dome recharge and a hunter was damaged.Goliath instakills him,and now we lose the dome and just get 1 strike for nothing,even though we could just dome him after the down and i would revive him.

Downing hunters reduces the dome by too much

Why? We have to do damage to the monster,and occasionally that means accepting that someone will get down eventually.Why should a down,which destroys our defense,also destroy our offense by making the dome last like 10 seconds? The monster already has a safety net on its HP.So it’s like saying “if you manage to down only one hunter,you are free to escape”.BUT IF YOU CAN’T…and you just stand there taking damage…Just kidding you are also free to escape

Monster cooldown reduction in-combat

I do realize this is a balance decision to fix some abilities being abused.But i still believe cooldowns should be static,with the ability balanced for that cooldown.New players have no idea that this happens,and it also screws chases for the hunters when the monster has movement abilities (e.g goliath charge).You have to choose between doing chip damage ,without which you cannot win,or letting the monster get further.I am sorry but we should not get punished for being able to follow the monster…with not being able to follow the monster

Traversal regen

I do not know if combat bonus also applies to traversals.But every time i play wraith,i essentially have an infinite amount of dashes that never stops.Same for goliath or gorgon.The game should be more about the monster juking and hiding,than spamming spacebar and getting to the other side of the map then back and fourth,it feels like chasing a chicken around.Which is my next point

Planet scanner

Not much to say here,except that i think it should never give away the outline of a monster behind objects or terrain,and the cone should disappear and become a circle when you are close to the monster.I think a competent hunter should be required to have a working set of eyes and decent IQ.This also dumbs down gameplay to the above chicken chase instead of an epic hunt.

Lack of proper perks and build specialization for hunters

I dislike the amount of nerfs that have happened to perks that can emphasize a hunters strength or change the playstyle.Right now most perks are useless if not stacked at least 2 times.Which is why many hunters just go for recharge or tinkerbell because they are the ones with the most impact.Hell i can go full 3 perk movement speed or damage increase and it doesnt feel like something changed.

/flamesuit on


it´s enabling a monster to engage and ambush. good and needed mechanic.

don´t see a problem

traversal skills would be too good, its a negative monster crutch so to speak.


The disable dome for 12 seconds makes a lot of sense actually. It rewards the monster for engaging and getting a down whereas instead of engaging, the monster could just keep running. You never had the monster in the dome to begin with if the monster is engaging you when the dome is down that’s usually his choice.

Also you have to remember the dropship was changed the Hunters are respawning and falling out of the sky every 10 seconds…if the monster is fighting 1vs3, is out of armor, the dome is close to being back up, and the dead Hunter is falling out of the sky any second. It makes it worthwhile possibly for the monster to not run if he can get another strike. But if he doesn’t, he’s going to get domed with no armor.


If you remove that then there’s no incentive for the Monster whatsoever to fight outside domes.


For your traversal regen argument monsters will adapt to whatever they need to win even becoming a chicken. Can’t be always be hide and seek, and legit they need it for hunters with 3 rocket perks. Planet scanner was really needed in old evolve if you ever played back in 2015. + Traversal is not infinite. It’s to make monster faster than the hunters, in pro and rookie terms anyways.


So it’s attacking us at a point where we are a disadvantage,yet somehow it has to also have the advantage of leaving immediately?

The reward for the ambush IS the instant down.If the monster wants to attack and leave,it can do that between the large dome downtimes

The game should be designed to be more straight forward,and not rely on obscure patch ups.E.G,hunters do tinkerbell? If you down a hunter after he was at the air for more than 15 seconds but was now out of fuel,his max hp is reduced until he does not use a jetpack for x seconds.This is how these mechanics sound.


thats like your opinion and in my experience your understanding of a good game differs drastically from mine. so i am happy that this will not be changed.

yeah, then maybe you need to think where you are going and not derping around the map.

except that there is nothing wrong with both mechanics.


Not if he gets domed for this troubles.


So for every inconvenience a monster may encounter we have a mechanic to alleviate it? Where is my damage increase when our assault goes down? Where is movement speed bonus when the monster is getting far away?

Why cant the player adjust to the game instead of the opposite in a "competitive " shooter? You want to get a free strike,get it on dome downtime.You want to escape dome without damage,stop standing still.You want to find the monster instantly,use your eyes.This doesnt have to be a crutch simulator


At this point I don’t even know what you’re babbling about. You don’t want the monster to get a free strike? Stop being out of position.


failing to provide insight on why the mechanics are bad, is not really the way to discuss.

Just dome before someone goes down, problem solved.


I just did.Because its an obscure mechanic that comes out of the blue to allow the player to be effective without adjusting to the game.


as obscure as dropship timer increase, solo buffs and relay shield…

why don´t you adjust to the game?


No I see why they added the 12 second dome disable thing…it’s partially due to the huge dropship buff the Hunters got.

It also encurages the monster to not just flee in every situation, and fight. There is a risk to it but also a reward so it makes a lot of sense. You’;re missing the part where for this to happen to the dome has to be on recharge anyway.


The increase dropship timer was supposed to be the trade off for that

Also it was not a buff because its just autopressing the respawn button which i did anyway


Only thing I agree with is that the PS Monster outline should be removed. Everything else is fine.


+1 to removing the outline
Everything else is fine.


The dropship got a huge buff for the Hunters overall I’m not talking about the autorespawn/kill yourself thing.

The 12 second dome disable like I said is to make the monster not as likely to just run when it’s low on armor.

When the Hunters come raining down from the sky over and over again it gives the monster a choice. if they go for a strike right before the dome is recharged they get 12 seconds to get the hell out and armor up.

The monster is taking a risk though because they could get domed with no armor.


I have an incentive.But wait for it cause it might sound insane

How about…the fact that you can fight without getting domed…


now you are just chaining random words, or?