Current and Dream gaming displays


I think we have the same tv

Bob's victory pose

Haha I think its a 52" Panasonic tv got for cheap from friend


There’s a 55" right now on sale for 550 that I want, I just don’t need it XD


Haha this one is too much in my room. Heats up so fast and the damn thing weighs as much as bob


I’ve got a Sony 32" bravia so its hard to justify replacing it with a pos Magnavox lol even if it is bigger


Bigger isn’t always better haha… But does make the monsters to look more awesome


I would LOVE to play Evolve on an Imax theater screen… It would be glorious


Yes!! True evolve experience


I’d have to wear gamer glasses for the first time in my life to keep them from drying out or from getting a headache but dude… Maybe I’ll become a multi millionaire and buy an Imax for my house but till then… 32" Sony will do ^.^


Guys, can I move this discussion to a new thread for you?


You know you’d love playing evolve on that beast of a screen mountain


Someone moved to bugs already from general I think but i don’t care


Yes to play in a theater ahaha won’t lose hunters from slim anymore


Well, yes. But I’m being serious, if you want to keep this discussion going we should probably move it out of this Bug thread. I can do that, just tell me what you want the subject to be.


Can I leave it to u to chose best channel for this discussion? I thought general was best choice.


Sure, give me a few minutes.


Okay so now that we’re all here, what do you think about evolve on the Imax


That would be amazing and disorienting!


Hearing the Goliath roar though ^.^ so cool just thinking about the whole experience


well since I’m here might as well brag a little…

50 inch samsung TV in my room :blush: