Currency of Shear


So apparently the currency in the game is called “keys” now we need a lore on it. Is it paper, metal, implanted credit cards, actual keys, Captain Keys from Halo. You decide. Give me your ideas.


the only real currency on shear is blood


best guess is that it is similar to mass effects credits


Captain Keyes, not Keys. Wrong spelling, can’t be him. :wink:


Dang hoping it would be a bunch of keys on a giant key ring that every one carries around.


The other captain keys who Flys the pillar of summer.


The Pillar of Summer?! Mother of god.



It’s keys to a hidden collection of treasure, that space pirates have been after for generations. They began to trade these keys, since the treasure is so well hidden. After a few generations of trading, they became currency. Now these regular old keys, are collected; and traded as an actual form of money. For the rich, one day will find the hidden vault of Cthulhu the Kraken guards; much as his wise ancestors have been doing forever. Now Hunters invade the planets, and attack the monsters. They were hired by a secret organization, without their knowledge of who they actually work for. For the people who hired them, want Cthulhu’s power.


@Quirkly We’ve been compromised…


You understood!


They are Beta Keys :smiley: The only currency worth anything in the future :smiley:


Mhmm… Beta keys for what?


Video Games… duh :stuck_out_tongue:


Well duh… What future video games? Give us some idea’s for the future Mooderator. Surely you didn’t sign an NDA for this. :wink:


I could be a time traveler :slight_smile:


Maybe you could. ^.-
Care to share those secrets too?