Curious if anyone else is having same problem?


Hello fellow gamers,I am just curious if anyone else is getting hit once and dieing.Im talking about dead dead with no chance to be revived.It doesnt matter what hunter either!


That… Sounds extremely strange. I’ve NEVER encountered that, unless someone falls through the world.


Like uh, do you have any recording software to give us some footage of whats going on?


ive never got into the recording thing so i wouldnt know how to do it!


Not a custom game?


What platform are you on bro? I could set OBS up to record it if you’re on PC, cant expect it to be good quality though because my PC is wooden as hell.


What happened to the wooden PC?

It wooden work.



There is more where that came from. :stuck_out_tongue:


“My PC is freezing”
“well put it in the oven”
…Too many times…
It hurts
Anyway, let’s not derail ;3