Cupcake = Shredder


C’mon do you see it yet?

The background is a cupcake! The ultimate easter egg!


No, it’s a clever hint.

Cupcake -> Blood -> Smashed -> Hulk Smash -> Leap Smash -> Goliath -> Monsters -> Shear -> CIG9 -> Secret -> Illuminati confirmed.


I let my guard down for ooooone day…

And Shredder has taken over TRS. Welp, it was a good run everyone. o/


Darnit it was supposed to be me who takes over TRS.


This is the Teaser for the T6 Monster its a giant Cupcake the ultimate fear of shear
This will be Torvald´s Monster i can see it The Ajax got destroyed by a giant Cupcake


yes!!!please!!!do dis!!!



This cupcake is seriously making me hungry.


maybe the cupcake symbolizes they are gonna make birthday skins and hand them out for meh birthday

in all seriousness I think they actually might make birthday skins based off cupcakes imagine Torvalds with a cupcake mortar cannon with sprinkles on top



they not gonna do that they are gonna release the spagghetti skins


Slim will be no more and the update would be out ASAP if I was in control.


breaking that legal reason




I am digging these background changes!


As well as I!


I’m on the internet to avoid the need to feed. Now food has even taken over my online life :cry:


So this is why when I passed Slim in the character select screen he was splattered on a windshield!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Wish I could see it on mobile ;-;


@RickSanchez Oh! So that’s Slim’s blood under the Cupcake! It all makes sense now!

@Torvald_Stavig This is the background picture


I did this way better tbh.

More elaborate.

Actually you should post a more elaborate one.