🧁 Official Evolve Trello Board 🧁

It’s finally happening! It has been my dream as Community Manager to be able to present you with this glorious addition to our tools within this community!

------> The Official Evolve Trello Board! <-------

A Trello board is a special tool that is the King of all Lists! A lot of companies use them to track their work, projects, and even daily life. Fortunately for our community, we will be using our Trello board to keep you all updated on the biggest issues and features we will be implementing in Stage 2!

Feast your eyes:

*Complete w/ Emojis for all the items! :slight_smile:

We have listed all of the major things that we are working on in different “swim lanes” to organize them appropriately.

Swim Lanes include:

To Do: Feature / bug has been identified has something we want to do in the near future.
Active: Currently being worked on by the development team.
Balance: Feature / bug is with the balance team before being pushed live.
Next Patch: Feature / bug will be available in the next patch.
*Released: Feature / bug is currently live.

The best part is it updates LIVE!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen – when this lovely lady pushes the buttons it is populated on the Trello board in real-time!


Muchas gracias @snowkissed ! We all love you!! :heart::heart::heart:

**Please do keep in mind, features that we really want to surprise you with and very low level items are not featured on this Trello Board.

We would love to tell you everything, but we love surprising you more. :heart:



The Unicorn is a lie!

What is rel-time?

Relative time, clearly, since time is relative and what not.


Thank you, Lianne!


I like this new changelog list.


Yay!! I was so waiting for this!! :smiley:




Pssssst! Theres an app too :wink:

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Boomarked! :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like 3 map variants and 1 revision.
So we’ll probably get 3 different versions of either Distillery, Wraith Trap, Orbital Drill, or Weather Control.

The map revision, to me at least, seems like we’ll be getting one of the older maps updated to Stage 2 quality/balance.

:crosses fingers:


Could map revisions be like destroyed versions or populated versions? Also, we need more bushes so I can sneak around more. Nothing is funnier than sneaking into a bush and have a pack of hunters walk right by you.


As much as I love love love this, I’m so glad that my work doesn’t have one of these public, because then everyone could see all the bugs I make lol.


Haha, that’s why this is just a high level representation. If it was our whole database, it wouldn’t be very friendly on the eyes… not to mention a little overwhelming.


Pretty hyped for the Monster passives that aren’t announced yet, and really excited for Behemoth adaption AND QUANTUM CAIRA (fuck yeah motherfucker. Caira is one of the best Medics. Probably tied with Slim for me). Wraith adaption, meh. Perk sets, the 6 upcoming Hunter adaptions that haven’t been announced are exciting.


How many times have you dreamed of this :thinking:

Also I am already following it and I am happy to watch more of the progress :slight_smile: I’m not sure if I can subscribe or not but I do have an account :stuck_out_tongue:

Some surprises don’t go well for some people :wink:


Always neat to see new things we can use to keep track of information for the game! Will make note of this for sure.

You guys are really knocking Stage 2 out of the park!

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Thanks for all the great communication. I really appreciate all the info TRS is providing, and how quickly you are moving to make improvements and address the issues likely to hurt player retention! :sparkler::smiley: